Feature request: Add naming variable for appending Release year

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by ChillyDawg, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. ChillyDawg

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    Most major streaming media servers (Emby, Plex, etc) expect to find movie files using the naming format 'Movie Title (19xx).mp4'. Adding the release year allows the servers to automatically locate and download the correct album art and description information. Without the release year appended, incorrect movies are found by the server and the title has to be manually renamed and correct art and description re-downloaded. If AnyStream allows for adding release year to movie names this issue would be eliminated and save a lot of manual work.

    It would also be nice if we could see what the final file name will be and maybe specify a custom file name before starting a download.

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  2. DannyBoi

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    it can be added, under, file, settings,download, Movie file name template, the same option can be used for amazon and netflix tv shows, you can set it to S01E01 and the episode name to so you know what the tv show is and what episode/episode name is, thats what i done anyways and it works great :)
  3. ChillyDawg

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    As best as I can tell there are currently only two naming variables for movies at this time (provider and movie title). I'm simply requesting to have Release year added as an additional variable.

  4. SAF

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    I agree with @ChillyDawg. I actually requested adding the year variable on November 5th in a separate discussion but it hasn't made the features request list yet. It's a real hassle doing manual updates after downloads and, along with no batch download capability, could be a show stopper for me!
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    It's way more of a hassle to write a half-decent parser for arbitrary text and release it into the wild. Unless one l33ches films in tens at a time, where's the hassle of pressing F2, positioning the cursor, and typing in seven characters?

    Edit: you can actually write a tiny powershell script that will loop through the file names and ask you to manually enter the release year, then adjust the title accordingly, and if you want to be even fancier, add various metadata to the MP4 container itself.