Feature req: option to back up to different formats


Clone DVD supports ripping to ISO or the raw VOB, IFO files.
Clone DVD Mobile supports converting to various encodings at small resolutions for mobile devices, i.e. iPod, Zen, etc.

I would ask :bowdown: for a feature to allow a backed-up DVD to be kept on the PC in a compressed file format, i.e. WMV, which is a streamable format for Windows Media Center to an extender such as xbox 360.

I found neither Clone DVD nor DVD Mobile capable of this :( Since it is not mobile and I want full resolution, I believe the feature most properly should sit in CloneDVD, not in CloneDVD Mobile (but I would happily buy Mobile if that's where it ended up).

Can anyone say if this is something the most wonderful and talented people at Slysoft are planning on adding? :D