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Fastest Way Of Copying To Both Single & Dual Layer D.V.D.'s.

Tom Sederburg

Thread Starter
Feb 6, 2007
Hey guys,

I'm curious. Let's say you want a copy dual layer D.V.D. to both single and dual layer discs. First, you make an exact copy to another dual layer disc. Is there any way to then take the data used in that process and quickly condense its size so that it would fit on a single layer disc?

Or is it faster to simply restart the process from the beginning?

Let's say you want both a DL and SL backup of a disc. The way I'd do it is first read it to an image with CloneCD(or if you don't own CloneCD, IMGBurn will do the job). In either case, make sure AnyDVD is running, of course. Then you can burn your CloneCD or ISO image to the DL disc using the program you read the image with(CloneCD or IMGBurn). That takes care of your DL disc. Now, I would then mount the image you made with Virtual CloneDrive and then use CloneDVD to select what titlesets you want to keep and remove, and then compress it to fit to an SL disc. After that's done you can delete the image and you're good to go.
Thanks Samurai!

I'll try that out next time and let you know how things go. :)