Fastest DVD-ROM drive


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Jan 31, 2007
After reading many threads I have decided that a separate reader is a better way to go, rather than using my Plexi 716A. I just bought a Memorex 200L DVD-ROM reader. It states that it is rated at 16x, but my testing indicates that my Plextor rips the exact same discs 6 minutes faster.

What in your experience is the fastest DVD ROM reader?
I prefer LG Electronic DVD-ROM Drive and/or DVD Writer.

But i think, almost all manufacturers are at the same level! Exceptions verify the Rule.
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The potential readspeed of a drive & its actual ripping speed may well be quite different. redsvt (welcome to the forum by the way) & their findings on the Plextor is a good example. While it does in fact rip @ 5x>12x. It's gets to the higher speed quicker & stays longer. Hence being so much quicker than the DVD Rom which probably also rips @ 5>12x.
The fastest rippers I have come across have been BenQ's. If the f/w is patched using ala42's MediaCodeSpeedEdit, ripping up to 16x has been known.
Lite-On has a 20X and Samsung and NEC have 18X available but, as zebadee has pointed out, drives will very rarely burn at their rated speed. Accuracy is much more important than speed when burning large amounts of data.