Fast and the Furious- Tokyo Drift HDD..........

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    Hi Guys,

    This one seems to be playing up on me.........

    It plays fine direct from the disc to PDVD but I can't burn an image file or rip to HD at all.

    When using AnyDVD it stalls at 1% saying "Error reading from drive D!"

    When using ImgBurn it also stalls at the 1% mark.


    Would it be wrong to assume that this isn't necessarily true since the drive is able to play the disc ok?

    I followed SamuriHL's Bad Disc Guide and have attached the log file.

    Any help/suggestions in making sense of the log file will be gratefully received! :)



    PDVD 7.3.3319
    AnyDVD HD
    ImgBurn &

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