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    This review was pretty well written: http://www.bit-tech.net/gaming/2008/10/29/fallout-3/1. I like the honestly written gripes and positive statements made about the game. Of course, I don't know how true the statements are until I play it, myself.

    I don't have the game but I am contemplating buying it. I'm currently trying to play Dead Space and having a hard time of it. The game is hard to get into and, frankly, I'm disappointed and somewhat bored. Hopefully, watching the Dead Space: Downfall prequel movie will give me some motivation.

    Nonetheless, I'm interested in Fallout 3. I'd be interested to hear the opinions of people who have purchased and are playing the game. I'm not wanting to go buy another brand new game and finding myself literally forcing myself to play a game that I'm not enjoying.

    As a sidenote, these new protection mechanisms will completely destroy the used game market, IMHO. I've purchased a few games that are no longer produced (ie Planescape Torment) from someone who had a mint condition copy that his girlfriend no longer wanted. With these new protections I wouldn't be able to buy a used game and get new activations. I can just see that phone conversation and it wouldn't be a pretty one.
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  2. Chris Gonzales

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    Fallout 3

    Well, Fallout 3 depicts a world in which the entertainment industry has won :)

    It's a shame that you cannot play the PS3 version with Guitar Hero instruments. Imagine destroying your enemies with deadly Slayer riffs...

    Disclaimer: Yes, I did play Fallout 1 and 2. And I will play the PC version of Fallout 3, being accustomed to mouse and keyboard controls. If I find the time to play...
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    The PS3 version is supposed to be the worst version offered with respect to graphics.

    I've got the Collector's Edition of Fallout 3 incoming (someone bought it for me). But I don't think I'm going to enjoy it as I've hated every Bethseda RPG ever produced including Oblivion due to it's lacklustre story and boring characters. And in Fallout 3 you're on a quest to find out where your father is (ooh, how original). I hope Fallout 3 surprises me with better story telling, but I doubt it (especially if this is Oblivion with guns). Reviews are stating Bethseda focuses a little more on storytelling, and there are a lot more dialogue options and voice overs than before, so who knows. Maybe I'll end up enjoying this game (but I really doubt it). I do not enjoy open-ended sandboxes because typically the plot pacing of the story fails as a result.

    Black Isle Studios was responsible for the original Fallout series, and the story telling, typically, was far better from those developers. Many former members of Black Isle Studios are now with Obsidian Entertainment, including Chris Avellone (the guy responsible for Planescape:Torment).
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    Well, the Collector's Edition is sitting here. The game is packaged in an aluminum lunch pail. Inside, I found a "making of" dvd, a Fallout 3 artbook, and a bobblehead Pip-boy. Oh, and also the game is inside.

    On the back of the game package, it says "Enchanced for multi-core".

    It also says, "Increased performance will be noticed on more powerful systems." How enlightening!
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    Game Jackal works with the Securom version of this game.
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    I'm actually surprised. So far, I'm enjoying Fallout 3. If the main quest takes 40 hours alone, the game is pretty good value for the money.
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    Wow, 40 hours, that raised my interest level. Going to see if they have a demo.
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    There's some swearing in the game (f-bombs from children) that may offend some people.
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    Could not find a demo :( Yeah it seems that most of the games I play I can't play around the kids :)
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    LOL! Happy times!

    Now, 99.999% of the time I would do just that. But... I wonder how many people didn't and will now need to uninstall/reinstall. Ouch.