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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by bkjeell, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. bkjeell

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    After I upgraded to I get an error message that says: "Warning" "Failed to read DVD". After that it gives 4 potential reasons why....
    I have never had that problem before and it's happening for all DVD's now.
    Any ideas? :confused:
  2. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    A dirty disc or discs?
    Your drive region isn't set?

    Post log files using one of the discs you are having trouble with.

    1. Ensure AnyDVD is running.
    2. Put the problematic original movie DVD in your burner. Wait for AnyDVD to scan the disc.
    3. Right click the red fox icon on your toolbar.
    4. Select "Create Logfile".
    5. Wait for AnyDVD to create a log file.
    6. A pop-up screen will appear. Take note of the location where AnyDVD created the logfile and the logfile's name. Click "OK".
    7. Windows Explorer will open, and you will see a ZIP file called "" (or something similar; see step f).
    8. When replying or posting in the SlySoft forums, look for the icon that looks like [​IMG] (in other words, look for the paperclip after clicking "quote" or when creating a new thread).
    9. If you don't see that paperclip icon, click the "go advanced" button. You should see that icon now. Click the paperclip.
    10. A small pop-up screen should appear (if it doesn't, please ensure your browser is configured to allow pop-ups from the SlySoft forum).
    11. Click the "Browse" button and locate and select the ZIP file you created.
    12. Click "upload".
    13. Close the window. When you submit reply, or submit a new thread, the ZIP file will be attached automatically for us to take a look at.