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Extremely disappointed.


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Jun 2, 2007
0 just doesn't work! I've seen most (if not all) of the problems listed elsewhere in this thread.

Vista Business (Admin & UAC off), AnyDVD & Daemon tools.

Won't create a working profile, won't create shortcuts, hangs up when running profiles within GJ, Violation errors, list index out of bounds etc etc.

Reverted to and I have no problems! :D

Come on guys - your software is normally rock-solid!
Vista Business (Admin & UAC off), AnyDVD & Daemon tools.
Sorry for asking an off-topic question, but why do you use Vista then? At the moment, Vista is known to have several problems with drivers and compatibility issues with a high number of programs.

If you don't even use the only thing that is actual new and useful alt least fo not-so-experienced users (non-admin standard users and UAC), I see no reason to install Vista. I can understand your disliking of those features, they do annoy me also. But for that reason, I stood with XP and alos will for the next several years.

BTW, I am using WinXP Pro with SP2 and have no problems at all with the new Slysoft release of GJ.
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Tried that - didn't help!

They need to be disabled when games and profiled--and also when run.

The profile I created worked though (game jackal needs to be running; I run it by clicking the profile from within game jackal).

Please answer these questions (especially 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 )