External burner with a laptop with USB 1,0

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    Hi there.

    A friend of mine has an older Toshiba laptop. It has only USB 1,0 and an internal cd-rw/dvd-rom drive which is nearly dead. The laptop is quite old, so he won't buy a new Toshiba internal drive which only can be used for this machine. He prefers to get a new dvd-rw drive (and buy AnyDVD of course!) in stead of bying a new cd-rw/dvd-rom drive.

    He has a couple of questions:

    1) Is it possible to buy other brands of internal drives which can fit into the Toshiba laptop ? I think not. To my knowledge the internal laptop drives are proprietary so he'll need a specific drive in order to fit it into his Toshiba laptop. Am i right here? Could he for example use a Sony DWQ520A11 drive? And if yes - is that an ok drive?

    2) He has been recomended to buy an external DVD-RW drive (USB 2,0). But his current laptop only has USB 1,0. Is it possible at all to burn dvd's - and if yes - at which speed?

    3) He has been given a good deal on this external drive: Samsung SE-S204N/EUBN. (http://www.samsungodd.com/Eng/Produ...tionvalue=view&parent_idx=4338&level_idx=4409) Does anybody know if it's an ok drive.

    Thanks in advance... :bowdown:

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    yes it is possible to burn dvd's.
    my previous laptop was USB1.1 and it works with a USB2 dvd rewriter.it will only transfer data at USB1.1 speed though.
    try experiment with different burn speeds.but half the rated speed of the disk should give you good results.
    on my old laptop+ext dvd drive,i burnt at maximum (when copying dvd movies using CloneDVD2) and didn't have any problems with the resulting dvd's.
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    It is possible to install a different brand of internal DVDRW into the older laptop....but I would consider it a waste of money.
    You can use a USB 2.0 device but it will run at 1.1 as mike20021969 has pointed out.
    Burning speed won't be a concern because of the slower transfer speeds of the 1.1 USB.
    What is a "good deal" on the Samsung?
    I always suggest using an internal optical drive in an external enclosure. The initial price is about the same and you have a spare internal drive.
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