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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by acrespo, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. acrespo

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    I am requesting a feature to export idx/sub subtitles like DVD Fab Platinum do in DVD to Portable/generic mode.
  2. SimD

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    I'd much appreciate this feature too as I have a MediaPlayer box which can play divx and use .srt subtitles
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    Bump so hopefully someone at slysoft reads it :)
  4. Peer

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    From what I know, these files contain subtitles in text format.
    The typical DVD subtitle is a bitmap - we'd have to run OCR over that to make text out of it. That'd be some overkill, right?

    Unless I'm not right about this...
  5. SimD

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    Much as I'd like them I don't blame you at all in that case, I'd always assumed they were text but that does explain the multiple fonts on each DVD :)
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  7. acrespo

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    No, IDX/SUB is VobSub format, that is image format (bitmap). IDX is a index to where each subtitle is in SUB file.
    DVD Fab can export IDX/SUB in vob passthrough option. Other options the subtitle is "forced" on video like CloneDVD Mobile.
  8. lostinlodos

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    SUB format can either be VobSub (bitmap) format or TexTSUB format (pure text).

    In print, SUB alone is often ambiguous but IDX/SUB or SUB/IDX is ALWAYS a or series of bitmaps.

    For those who have not figured it out yet, each production company has a tendency to use the same font format for all of their releases. I suggest the latest/last Beta of [SubRip.
    Each production company need only (most often) be defined once. It's also the fastest I've tested.

    MC has the ability to demux/dump the sub stream format from vobs, so it wouldn't take much to enable the option.
    Not that I care because I prefer to hard-code my subs in AVIs.