Experiences with D+ and series (just reporting)

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by DQ, Mar 29, 2021.

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    So this is not something I am trying to fix with this post. I am just reporting in so it helps the devs. I expect the behavior to go away in upcoming releases ,but again, reporting just to make sure.

    So without batch series d/l's (yes I know that is coming at some point) I tried to download a little series off of D+. Well it's sort of a pain in the butt. It does not return to the series when done with an episode, does not mention where you left off and the most aggravating part is after 4 or 5 episodes I get the whole "you don't have access or a license to this" error. At which point I have to close AS and start it again.

    This is all just data for dev consumption. I am not trying to complain or be ugly about AS in anyway. I already own a license.

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    I found if you click the download button a couple of times that error stops for a while. Not ideal but saves closing and opening the program all the time
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    Today I been downloading WandaVision and has let me do 6 episodes so far without closing AnyStream and restarting. Usually I can only get 2 series episodes or movies before I get the license error message so loving it today. Hope it lets me get the last 2 done before a error message!