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    No, he doesn't. He doesn't work for redfox anymore than i do. Moderators do not have access to the payment channel. The visa issue will be resolved, when it's resolved. That's all we can say. Patience is a virtue.
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  2. RedFox 1

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    In my personal opinion I would get some BTC, it's so easy now it's almost simpler than going to the bank.
  3. martymoe

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    sorry, i dont understand the hierarchy.. I've not messed with BTC, and i'm not quite ready to dive off in that hole just yet. I've downloaded some videos with the trial, and the end result is very nice, i've been around anydvd for a long long time, and i know how quick you guys have been to address customer requests. that said, once i can use my payment method, i will become a customer of this product as well. for now i will continue on with the trial..
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  4. J-Mac

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    Hey! I didn't even know about this new product until just now. No email notification was made I guess. I have no problem paying whatever is asked for it. I originally purchased AnyDVD from Slysoft and CloneDVD from Elaborate Bytes way back in February 2004, and have backed up more disks than I can count! I purchased CloneCD and CloneDVDMobile in January 2009. Then I purchased it all again as Redfox in May 2016. All was money well spent! The quality of this software is exceptional and the support equally good.

    Besides, where else can you find software that can do what this does? Anystream definitely worth it at whatever price.

    Now I just have to find out how the hell to get some Bitcoin!

  5. Dissones4u

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    Without going into tooo much detail, registering with cexio was one of the worst experiences of my life.....

    On the otherhand, the ATM option seems easy for occassional use. I've not used one but they can be found all over, this website tracks their locations.
    You don't even need a wallet, just go to the ATM, buy your coin and get a paper reciept with all of the numbers needed. You can read more about it here
    This method does actually seem pretty easy, from what I can see these ATMs are all over the place where I live....
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    Long time user, first time poster.
    Been using products from this group since the days of Elaborate Bytes, so they have a large balance in the bank of goodwill, as far as I'm concerned.
    I did the bitcoin hassle just to buy AnyStream without the bs of MasterCard
    Went to Coinbase, verified personal and credit card credentials, bought just enough bitcoin with direct credit card transfer to my wallet held at Coinbase. If someone hacks that account and steals my bitcoin, they get about $3.95
    Transferred bitcoin to Redfox address, had lifetime license within 10 minutes.
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  7. HULK

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    Finally someone on here with a bit of morality
  8. sonny_martin

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    Anystream so cheap for what it offers. Only Anystream can download from Amazon Prime.
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  9. Octavean

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    That is not accurate.

    I don’t think it would be in good standing to name a competing product here but such a competing product does indeed exist. AnyStream is a superior product though and that can be said with complete confidence. AnyStream has superior video fidelity and audio (with download resolution options and audio quality options). AnyStream can download files faster and file size can actually be smaller too.

    The competition costs less though.

    IMO, AnyStream has every right to charge a little more especially so if they are still building on the product and supporting it vigorously.
  10. Simba7

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    Same here. I already have a lifetime for AnyDVD HD.
  11. PluggerOfButts

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    No idea why people think this is expensive.
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  12. Octavean

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    I couldn't wait any longer,...

    I borrowed a MasterCard from a family member (with their permission naturally and gave them the coin for it) to make the purchase. I just got tired of dealing with the demo limitations. Anyway, money well spent IMO. I highly recommend making the purchase if you're able.
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  13. revengineer

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    I pulled the trigger on an AnyStream lifetime license today. The product is not cheap but just like the DVD/BD business, the streaming business may become a cat and mouse game and upkeep will be required to keep the software running. Unlike AnyDVD, AnyStream is not yet long-term proven but I hope my gamble will be worthwhile. I think the product is simple yet innovative and I appreciate the ability to download my purchases, some of which were more expensive than DVDs bought at the store. So I am happy to support RedFox.
  14. Balthazar2k4

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    I have been using AnyDVD for the last 10 years or so (since the days of Slysoft) and am glad to see Redfox tackle streaming platforms. Streaming is the future of content whether we like it or not. While I will be clutching my physical media all the way to the grave I am happy Redfox gives me alternatives to 'own' media I have purchased. Thank you Redfox for providing a superior product and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.
  15. LycanHD

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    If it's too expensive, you always have the download option via torrents.
  16. SamuriHL

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    Please do not discuss that kind of thing on these forums. Yes, people do that. But it does not belong here. Thank you.
  17. Ch3vr0n

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    My thoughts exactly. Good luck finding a working AnyStream on such platforms anyway

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  18. LycanHD

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    $19.99 :LOL: just kidding
  19. Giacomo1993

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    When will we be available the payment for the US VISA user?
  20. Ch3vr0n

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    That's a question for the purchase forum section. Not this one. That said, it will be available when it's available. Unfortunately for redfox, being considered 'outlaws' by payment providers does not make it easy getting one

    Your options are using PayPal key (virtual mc cc) some have reported success with, mastercard (either yours or from someone you know), or cryptocurrency (which you can buy at wallet sites such as coinbase with your visa)

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