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    Hi there! I have written support several times. I purchased anydvd and clone2 from slysoft and loved it until a Jan. download. After one of the last downloads when I went to make a copy of the same dvd's I have done for months, as soon as I went to copy the dvd w/ clone dvd w/in three or four mins. it would completely shut down my computer. I have been in this forum and have done everything from uninstalling to installing both programs, drives, started a new adm. on my computer, etc. I have spent over 3 days trying to troubleshoot to no avail. I use these tapes for my son who is visually impaired. I am exhausted in trying to make it work. It has taken my time away from homeschooling and my sons therapy. I could really use your help. I needed a break yesterday and didn't get on. I am going to try again to make a copy. Today anydvd says no disc in drive E. Go figure. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!!!
    Product : AnyDVD
    Version : 6114 (TKT1169782348)
    Drive(s): Product : CloneDVD
    Version : Clone DVD2
    OS : Windows XP Home
    Drive(s): Windows XP svc. Pk 2
    Dual DVD 16X DVD-ROM BDV316G
    Title(s): Same Tapes as past year....school year for school
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    What is that number next to the AnyDVD version?
  3. oldjoe

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    According to the post, he has the latest version of AnyDVD.
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    This would make me inclined to check my power supply for problems (and possibly my burner).
  5. DetroitBaseball

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    I was thinking that the number by the AnyDVD version might have been a serial number, in which case it should be removed.
  6. James

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    Good advice. After that, check the CPU cooler, Fans & cabling.
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    Hi there, Sorry about the number next to anydvd. That number is the Ticket Ref. Number I received from support, which I have not heard back on as of yet.

    I am fairly new to troubleshooting, however have learned alot since reading and applying it.

    I went to the Device Manager and to the Device that ANYDVD was installed on to (DVDRW IDE16X ). When checking the information of the version Anydvd it shows version 6113. I have uninstalled it from Add and Remove Programs. I then went back to Slysoft to Install the version 6114. Then checked the device manager and it showed I installed 6113 version. I am not sure why it installed 6113 version instead 6114 when I downloaded it from the slysoft 6114 download off their site. I would at this point go back to an older version that I had and that too installed at 6113 version. I think I have exhausted all research in how to get it to install 6114 in my Device Manger and not 6113. Not sure why it is doing so!

    I would hope that if it did take the 6114 version it would now show that anydvd is disabled for drive E which is my DVDRW IDE 16X

    Any help would be apprecitated. Thanks for all the replies.
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    Place your mouse cursor over the red fox icon on your toolbar. If it says then you're running Period

    As for the problem with your system shutting down while you burn you need to read James' and my orignal posts more carefully.
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    Going Back

    After reading post for several weeks, checking and configuring problems, and same issue occurs....I want to go back to an earlier version of Anydvd. However, when the problem started in late Jan. I started cleaning my computer to no avail and still not able to get program to work. But since I cleaned out my computer, I no longer have the olde version of Anydvd on my downloads. I have purchased it directly from slysoft and did all the upgrades.

    I'd like to try to go back to and older version if possible. I know in Nov. it was working coreectly w/ no problems. With the holidays, I don't remember the last good dvd I was able to make except for Nov. How can I get a version from that time and is that possible. I love the program and us it to work w/ my child and haven't been able to since Jan. or Feb. I would so much like to give it a try and see what happensl

    How can I obtain a Nov. download? Thanks for any helpl
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  11. Coaster

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    @ mineandthree,

    Cooling and Ventilation problems, RAM Memory Module Going Bad, Loose Cabling can also cause the problem you are experiencing.

    Don’t over look the possibility of Virus/Trojans/Spyware problems.

  12. linx05

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    Right click My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Startup Recovery Settings: Disable Automatically restart.

    Depending on the problem that would stop your computer restarting. I had a problem similar to this and with that option disabled I was able to capture the problem more quickly as my computer wasn't stopping and restarting all the time.

    Also, by the sound of your post the DVDs don't appear to be commercial. So you could bypass AnyDVD and use CloneDVD. When you get the problem fixed of course.
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    i had the same problem for a while.

    for me it was the computer overheating get you a can of conpressed air turn computer off and remove case and clean inside with the air around the fans and around the cpu it may work it did for me..