Excellent program, but just want to let others know which games that can't be copied.

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by Phumbahba, Apr 5, 2007.

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    I purchased this program just yesterday and it is a great program. Easy back up installation of games, simple format and so fourth, but unfortunatlly it was mention somewhere that this program can't possibly make auto-read back ups of every game out there which is true. Just want to let others know of a game that has problems with making back ups of and possibly others can add to this topic. Neverwinter Nights II back ups when you first load them up, it will mention something about not being able to authenticate or no disk detected. Now they meaning the back ups will work if you install the original in and than swamp out the back up, but that kind of defeats the purpose of making a back up. Maybe their is something that I may have missed in this program that will allow the back ups to work around it since I am still new to this program. Just letting others know that they might experience problems making back ups of this game and if anyone else has any suggestions or solutions feel free to post.
  2. other games

    other games that I have been unable to back up: Sims 2(all of them), Enter the Matrix, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Warcraft III(both)
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    Fable is protected by smartE, sims2 (like other EA games) is protected by safedisc.
    These protections are very similar, and if you choose the correct parameters, clonecd is able to make a perfect copy (with the hide cd-r option, if necessary).

    But warcraft / enter the matrix are protected by securom > 4.8*, and clonecd can't duplicate it alone (you probably need twinsector), because clonecd can't create a data precision measure (DPM analys, like Blindwrite or alcohol creates).

    To sum up :
    - can duplicate : Disc Guard, FADE, Lock Blocs, Laser Lock, Pheno Protech, ProtectCD, SafeDisc, SecuROM <4.77.
    - can't duplicate : Alcatraz, ProtectCD 5, SecuROM >4.8x, StarForce, TAGES.

    BUT it will probably need an emulator help...
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    CloneCD can't duplicate:( :

    - SecuRom *New* Ver. -
    - SecuRom *New* Ver. 7.28.xx.xxxx
    - Protect CD V5 - 5.144
    - ProtectDisc V6.x - V7.x
    - StarForce 3 - 3.7 / StarForce Frontline 4.0 - 4.7
    - TAGÉS 1.x.x.x -
    - Alcatraz
    - HexaLock
    - Alpha Disc
    - The Bongle

    I hope GameJackal can copy or emulate thies.:bowdown:
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    well game jackal never did starforce (afaik), so i doubt thats on the list too
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    Could you offer more insight? I've been trying to backup my daughters Sims2 collection before those discs get ruined, too (she's horrible with her cd's).

    I even tried GameJackal as an alternative, but that didn't work either.
  7. Webslinger

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    Game Jackal should work perfectly fine with the Sims.

    I recommend posting about your issue in the Game Jackal forum--and answer these questions when you post: click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=4824