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    I tried to back up two discs today. The first one was Aeon Flux. AnyDVD HD backed it up beautifully to my hard drive. I played it back with Power DVD 6.5, even the menu worked.

    I then tried to back up Excalibur (North American). The back up went through ok, but when I tried to open it with PDVD, it would not even play the menu. So, I then drag and drop the Feature_1.EVO file to PDVD. The image skipped frames (jerking) and the audio had crackle at times.

    Any suggestions on how to get this disc backed up?

    Thank you.
  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Probably a bug in PowerDVD 6.5 (I assume it doesn't play from the original disc either).
  3. de2000

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    I just tried to play it from the original disc. You are correct that it does not play from it either (Aeon Flux played ok).

    So, will a newer version of PDVD work?

    Thank you.

    PS. Why would this bug affect the playback of the actual file? (jerking and crackling)
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  4. James

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    Very likely, yes.

    Despite common believes .evo files cannot be played back correctly, as additional information from the control files is missing. You must play the folder from harddisk.
  5. Faye

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    Excalibur: Just turn on AnyDVD HD's "Remove all menus" option and bingo.