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    If a similar thread has been opened, please excuse me.

    I have not installed any video player which could directly playback HD-DVD discs from my Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive.
    This drive correctly runs on my PC, so I could, thanks to AnyDVD HD, rip several commercial HD-DVDs on my HD.

    Several EVO files appear in the folder HVDVD_TS; since they are non-encrypted, they could be played back with some tools.

    My question is: how?
    I have tried with WinDVD 8 Platinium and VLC 0.8.6c but I did not succeed. Some times I get sound but never video.

    Jacques Ligou
  2. Humpa

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    PowerDVD 7.3 is what 99% of use for playing back HDDVD's and Blu-Ray's (whether it is from the disc or a file/folder backup). There are alternatives, but nothing easy and nothing with full support (like full audio support for example).

    These video formats are still new - eventually there will be more options, but for now the simple solution is to get PowerDVD.
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  4. ligou

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    Finally I have installed PowerDVD 7.3 (Ultra). I am impressed by the number of HD formats it can read.
    Unfortunately it cannot playback "King Kong" from my HD-DVD Xbox 360 drive while standard DVD are OK
  5. tekmobile

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    I have no issues with my copy
    Do you have any error messages?
  6. ligou

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    I have not any error message, only a black screen with informations on the bottom right corner (green letters):
    video : vc1 (High Definition)
    audio : Dolby Digital
    I have the same problem when I try to play back the movie from the HD where non-encrypted files have been ripped.
    This is strange because I can read individual vc1-HD files.
  7. Humpa

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    I have no problems with any hddvd. I always play them from the hdd though. If you play it from the hdd, you need to either play/select the actual evo file, or if you choose the "play media files" option, it needs to be the complete backup of the hddvd.

    King Kong hd works fine for me from the hdd using 7.3.
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  8. Adbear

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    What graphics card do you have and are you on the latest drivers?
  9. ligou

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    My graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS. It is not the best one but it has been accepted by CyberLink Advisor with a yellow color.
    The driver is recent (04/09/2007) and the version is fully accepted by CyberLink Advisor (green color).
    Now a minor problem : I cannot always adjust colors in the Video Advanced Configuration panel, it depends on the format. With MPEG2-HD and MPEG4 AVC it is OK but not with .wmv or .divx. It is interesting to know that WinDVD8 Platinium fails in the same way.