Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 09

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    Ripped Seasons 1-8 of Everybody Loves Raymond using AnyDVD with no problems. When trying to rip Season 9, AnyDVD took a very long time to scan discs 1 and 3 and when I copied the disc, AnyDVD took about 30 seconds to rip the disc (much shorter than the usual 15 minutes or so) and there is nothing in the folder when I attempted to convert it to an MKV file using MakeMKV. Tried segmenting the episodes using CloneDVD, which again took about 3 seconds to complete its task and there was nothing useful in the folder structure it created. Disc 2 did work but ran into an error about 55% of the way through the disc but I was able to rip the individual episodes to mp4 using another company's product. Disc 4 was fine and AnyDVD had no problems with it.

    You should also know that a couple times I tried to get discs 1 and 3 to work AnyDVD timed out and dump file was created, which I emailed in.

    I returned the DVD set and exchanged it for another set. All 4 discs in this set have the same issue as discs 1 and 3 in my first purchase: takes AnyDVD forever to load, when it does it can pull the Disc ID off enough so that My Movies recognizes the disc and displays the title, but it rips in about a minute and there is basically no content in what is ripped. At first I thought it was a bad disc, but to get a second set with the exact same issues on multiple discs seems a little suspicious. It may be a bad burn by the company and all discs are bad from the season 9 run, in which case I'm out of luck, but just wanted to make sure there wasn't something more I could be doing.

    Also: all discs play fine in a DVD player

    An alternative to this would be to use AnyStream to download, but it's only available on Peacock - it'd be great to add that to the list of streaming services available on AnyStream and I know it's on the list, but thought I'd add my voice to people requesting it.

    I've attached logfiles from discs 1 and 3 since those are the only ones I can't yet rip any content.

    Appreciate any and all help, even if it's just to say there's nothing to be done.

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  2. DeepSpace

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    From your description it sounds like an issue with the decryption for me.
    It also says "WARNING: Read errors on disc!".

    However, your drive region is not set:
    "Drive (Hardware) Region: 0 (not set!)"
    So exit AnyDVD, go into the drive's settings and set it to your region. It is recommend to always set it for DVDs.
    If you've done that, try again. Does it work now? If not, create new logfiles with this new setting.

    I too had one or two discs like these in the past, but it was long ago and I think I wasn't an active member at this time (or in the forum at all). So if the error still persists after you set the region, I am interestet to see what the issue is.
    If I had the disc in my laptop, then the region was set. It was never otherwise. Only if I had the disc in my external drive, then it would be possible. I think it was not set at the beginning and I left it like this for a time.
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    I would also first set the region to the region of the disc, although one would think if that didn't affect the other discs, it wouldn't affect Discs 1 and 3. What drive are you using to decrypt these discs? Some drives don't like certain discs. The LG WH16NS60 is one such picky drive. You may want to invest in or borrow a USB DVD drive and see if that has any better luck. Since you got the same results on 2 of the same discs in 2 different DVD sets, the problem is the discs, but it could be some kind of encryption scheme or it could be the hardware acting up.
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    I set the region code - I always avoided doing that because I often buy discs not from my region and rip them to my harddrive so that I can watch them through a third-party player like Plex. Was I wrong to think that?

    After assigning the region code, it is now consistently providing a dump file and not even giving me the chance to rip the disc or create a logfile (see attached picture). The region code of the disc and the region code of the drive are now the same since I set the region code, but it seems to have made my problem worse. I'll see what an external drive does for me.

    Thanks for all the help.

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  5. dbminter

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    Investing in a 2nd USB drive might not be a bad idea for other region discs. I have a USB BD drive set to Region 2/B specifically to decrypt imported R2/B discs so I don't have to worry about changing the region of my primary BD drive. That way, you won't have to worry about changing regions whenever you need to for other discs.
  6. DeepSpace

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    Please upload the dumpfile itself, not just a picture of it.

    Please also tell us what you did to set the drive. Did you close AnyDVD before? If it is an external drive, did you try do detach and reattach it?
    If internal, try if a computer restart helps.

    If you use AnyDVD, you don't have to worry about region codes at all. But to set the code helps AnyDVD to decypt the DVD. It's another story for BDs though, there it is not neccessary to set it. But it doesn't hurt to do so either.
  7. coopervid

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    In order to set the region you have to exit AnyDVD before you do so. After setting the region you need to reboot your computer. You can check in device manager if the region is set.
    With AnyDVD running you can play discs fom all regions so you don't have to worry. And if you set the options correctly before ripping the disc it will remove the region code. You can then also burn the ripped disc to a DVD and it will play in all players worldwide.

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  8. Thin Man

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    I've attached the file but already submitted it via email to bugs@redfox.bz

    I reset the drive from DVD region tab in device properties. I did close AnyDVD before setting the drive. It is an internal drive and did not restart the computer, so I will try that.

    Good to know - my configuration is set like the screen shot you posted.

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  9. James

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    It looks to me that your discs and / or drive is sirty and / or defective. Sorry.
    EDIT: You can turn off "copy protection based on unreadable sectors" so AnyDVD won't remove the read errors, but this isn't really helping.
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    I've cleaned the discs (both sets) and it didn't make a difference. I've also ripped four seasons of Yellowstone in BD and a couple of seasons of The Waltons in SD since my problems without any issues. I did pick up an external drive today and will see if that makes a difference, but given my experience I don't think that's the issue.

    I'll also give this a try as well. I still haven't restarted the computer yet because I've been ripping The Waltons series.
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  11. coopervid

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    I guess these discs are bad. And if you get some new from the same production batch they are most likely bad as well.
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  12. Thin Man

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    1. Restarting the computer didn't change anything
    2. Using the external harddrive didn't change anything
    3. Turning off the "copy protection based on unreadable sectors" gave me an IFOTitles 3 error (see attached)
    4. Recleaning the discs didn't change anything

    So, I'm at a loss but thank everyone for the help. I will see if I can find a copy somewhere that will allow me to rip it or wait until Peacock is available for AnyStream. If anyone has another idea, I'd appreciate the input.

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  13. Thin Man

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    My thought as well. Thanks.
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  14. coopervid

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    Return them and get them from another source.
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