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  1. Thewiz91

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    Any fans of Everquest in here? The original as well as Everquest 2 have both gone free to play. I started playing again for nostalgia's sake and its been quite an enjoyable return. Leveling seems much easier with the added mercenaries. The f2p version does limit you, but I've spent only about $20 over the last 3 months on the game (to unlock classes and aa points mostly). Anyway, check it out. I'm on the Vox server and my character is Tetler. Send me a tell if anyone decides to join!
  2. FurryGuy

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    You say it is free to play and then you say you have spent money. No matter what the reasons why you paid, this is not free. Reduced in pricing maybe, but hardly free.

    Games are IMO getting more and more expensive, paying for content just to play is hardly an inducement for me to part with even more money.
  3. Disent

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    I wish subscription based games would come back.
    Free-to-play is just a lottery based pay to win.
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