Erroring out John Wick

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    Like others I'm having trouble with John Wick 3. When the disc is scanned, it ends up with a ridiculously small number like 3% for the quality scan. I won't bother to post a error log because several have already done that, but I did manage to back up the disc.

    I'm sure a correct fix for this problem will be coming shortly, but if you can't wait I did basically what 'scotton' did for a quick work around. Of the four main titles I unchecked everything but the title with the time of 2 hr 10 min. Then with Any DVD HD, I was able to back up John Wick 3 perfectly.
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    AnyDVD (HD) beta/ with john wick3
    getting errors
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    Careful. There seem to be several different versions of this disc.
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    I'm sure James & the redfox staff will come out with a new beta that fixes the problem with John Wick 3. They never fail us.

    In the meantime, follow Bunnyrip2's instructions if you are trying to backup the John Wick 3 original disc. More specifically, uncheck Titles 67, 70, & 71 leaving Title 67 (2:10:39) and all other Titles checked which will result in a quality of 47%. If you are using AnyDvd beta & CloneDvd2, the backup comes out perfect. None of the other suggested workarounds worked for me.


    As usual, James is right. I used Bunnyrip2's workaround with a US Region 1 original disc.


    Geez, disregard when I said above to keep Title 67 checked. It is Title 60, as Bunnyrip2 said, that needs to be checked. Uncheck Titles 67, 70, & 71 for US Region 1 original DVDs
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    That unchecking only works for THAT SPECIFIC version of that movie. Other US titles may not even have those numbers. Also, that's not a fix. That's a workarround
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    I used the preview feature in CloneDVD and found title 60 was right. I know there are different versions like James said. But this worked for ME. I know it did because I watched the entire backup and it was Flawless! This IS a "workaround", but it did work!
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    Been following this thread allday:
    My experience with a US region 1 disc rented from Redbox is that Title 68(210:39) worked for me.
    Reading above threads, I didn't have a title 60 at all???
    Hope this helps, but copy works fine here,
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    Using clonedvd2 uncheck all except 2:10 movie file and it will work
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    Title 60 didn't work for me, Everything went like it was suppose too but couldn't get it to play, media player was moving like it was playing something but I had no picture or audio, will try title 68.
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    Tried AnyDVD beta title 68 and it read it and i used CloneDVD2 but none of my DVD players would play it!
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    You sure that's, version?
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    In case it helps, here is my logfile. I errored out with a FileIO 3 VTS_01_1.VOB.


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    Same here with title 60, and I don't have a title 68.
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    Not CloneDVD, it's the Beta
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    Im surprised James doesn't have a Fix yet! (y)
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    Lionsgate threw Everything including the kitchen sink at this one!:banghead:
    No worries, James is The Man! He will get a Fix out ASAP!
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    Errors out for me too... Redbox rental. Attempting to use the CloneDVD and selecting only 68 ....