ERROR processing Blu-ray disc!

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    I have a LG WH16NS60 with 1.00 firmware and I get the following error when I put in any UHD disc.
    BluRays disc's work fine.
    What am I missing? I want to do some iso backups of my UHD's.

    Would like to understand what is going on.

    Error: msg
    Media is AACS protected!
    AACS MKB version 68
    Drive supports bus encryption!
    Disc wants bus encryption!
    couldn't retrieve AGID (bus encryption)!
    ERROR processing Blu-ray disc!

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    The WH16NS60 is an official UHD drive. AnyDVD works only with UHD "friendly" drives.
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    Your drive is an "official UHD drive". AnyDVD only works with "friendly UHD drives". If you want to use this drive with AnyDVD and UHDs you have to downgrade it to 16NS55 firmware 1.04 . Here is a link to get started if you want so:
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    Euh no, anything above 1.02 isn't friendly either.

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    please don't confuse Rew452. Flashing to 16NS55 1.04 MK will work. What is your concern?
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    Actually I reflashed the drive earlier this year with info from mkv site.
    It works great with Makemkv. Did something else change since then?
    I'm confused as to why I should flash to 1.04.
    This was supposed to be correct at the time.


    MakeMkv Info
    Drive Information
    OS device name: E:
    Manufacturer: HL-DT-ST
    Product: BD-RE WH16NS60
    Revision: 1.00
    Serial number:
    Firmware date: 2117-04-25 17:56
    Bus encryption flags: 17
    Highest AACS version: 70

    LibreDrive Information
    Status: Enabled
    Drive platform: MT1959
    Firmware type: Original (unpatched)
    Firmware version: 1.00
    DVD all regions: Yes
    BD raw data read: Yes
    BD raw metadata read: Yes
    Unrestricted read speed: Possible, not yet enabled
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    Your drive uses the original firmware / unpatched and works with Makemkv. As it is it will not work with AnyDVD and it will work better with Makemkv if you use the MK version for your drive. And it will only work with AnyDVD if you cross-flash it to 16NS55.
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    If I cross-flash to 16NS55 will it still work with makemkv; or is it a either or situation?

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  9. coopervid

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    Yes it will. It will only prevent such shaky situations that your PC is fully compliant with PowerDVD, newest Intel CPU etc to play UHDs from your PC.
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  10. coopervid

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    I mean you can't play UHDs from you computer the standard way if you flash it to 16NS55. Most people don't / can't anyway. And you can always flash it back to be a 16NS60.
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    Quite some details below you probably already now:
    And a (basic) summary read from people and correcting me etc, what has come up with new UHD-friendly drives, older and new safer downgrade methods to UHD-friendly, what firmwares were where working and not working:

    All you have to do is in last passage at the bottom, for best compatibilty for the WH16NS60 crossflahed to UHD-friendly.

    There are several older guides throwing around on the internet, also some from "" which mention an old risky Dosflash-method, because it overwrites whole EEPROM, risking losing the unique UHD unit's drive encryption signature) needed for decryption, such guides are from ealier (before safer guided methods were relased):
    But which more and more people won't be able to risk, since it required BIOS-legacy-mode and newer computers luckily don't offer SATA-IDE-operation setting anyway in the firmware and required EEPROM data mover and DOS/FreeDOS etc.

    There is the newer method which doesn't require risky Dosflash and EEPRO-mover stuff etc., using only the original LG/Asus update flasher utity and a "Clean"-firmware (which would be toxic flashing with Dosflash without editing it with EEPROM-data-mover from original unit's backup-dump):
    aka "BH14NS40_N1.00-A4_patched.exe" : from LG (goes for all LG and Asus NS compatiblre models);
    ("ASUS ODD FW Updater for BW-16D1HT.exe"): from Asus (goes for all LG and Asus NS compatible models);
    ASUS_ODD_FW_Changer_(Modified).exe" (some bugs fixed from Mike e.g. with newer offical stock firmwares and/or with newer PC-hardware /USB-bridges etc) (goes for all LG and Asus NS compatible models)

    to "down"grade an UHD-unit to UHD-friendly, because those tools don't touch that sensible area, and work in SATA-AHCI-mode (on newer computers supported only AHCI, SATA-IDE-mode-firmware-setting missing) and ODD units behind an SATA-USB-bridge :)

    All WH16NS60 firmwares (even 1.00) are UHD-official, so they are all UHD-(UN)-friendly- so NOT friendly.
    To be able to copy UHDs with AnyDVD with this unit, the WH16NS60 -unit needs to be made UHD-friendly first [Edit] (at least for AnyDVD, makemkv seems to work with 1.04-mk as coopervid saying)

    (UHD-UN-friendly)-(only due to firmware) yet UHD-friendly (hardware) but NOT an UHD-official-drive:
    For now you cannot seem to copy any UHD-AACS-2x-discs at all, and you cannot watch them.
    Flashing an UHD-friendly firmware allows at least copying UHD-discs but not watching from them directly.

    UHD-friendly): (due to hardware+firmware) already but NOT an UHD-official drive:
    The stock delivered firmware is already an UHD-friendly-version (in most cases NOT the newest one) Allows at least copying UHD-discs but not watching from them directly.

    UHD-UN-friendly): (due to hardware+firmware) and NOT an UHD-official drive:
    You cannot watch UHD-dics, and you can't get it to copy them.

    UHD-UN-friendly): (due to hardware+firmware) but an UHD-official drive:
    E.g. Pioneer UHD drives: You can watch from BD-UHD-discs directly (requires PowerDVD, etc.). But Nothing you can do to get it UHD-friendly, so can't reach it to copy UHD-discs.

    Drive with UHD-UN-friendly+UHD-official)-and-UHD-friendly-properties (firmware-dependant):
    E.g. LG WH16NS60:
    Flashing UHD-friendly-firmware allows copying UHD, but not watching directly from UHD-disc. The original stock firmware or flashing back the UHD-official-firmware (means UHD-UN-friendly) enables watching directly from UHD-disc (PowerDVD and e.g. KabyLake or newer required), but disables copying.

    As coopervid says, you can crossflash your WH16NS60 to a LG BH16NS55's firmware (but in the end it must be a 1.02 or 1.01 or 1.00 version), which are UHD-friendly and allows copying UHDs [EDIT] AnyDVD requires 1.02, as coopervid saying makemkv as well working with 1.04-mk, but 1.02 coopervid saying also functions well with makemkv:
    Because WH16NS560 is an NS50/NS55-compatible model.
    That firmware file one is recommended for crossflashing WH16NS60 to BH16NS55 1.02: "DE_LG_BH16NS55_1.02.bin"
    (using only the "BH14NS40_N1.00-A4_patched.exe" utitlity!)
    The Asus utitlity principially works, too, just s.o. mentioning that some times there were issues with the Asus utitility on an LG drive.
    (Maybe dependent on the firmware, if there is an LG or Asus product line firmware crossflahed to it, to which utitlity to use?

    You could also use Asus BW-16D1HT (3).02 firmware, or Asus BW-16D1HT (3.)10-(MK) firmware from Mike (made UHD-friendly)
    (BUT PLEASE DON NOT use the 3.10 original one from Asus !!!!! )
    Keep in mind several users reported crossflashing WH16NS60 to any Asus BW-16D1HT firmware causing burning issues with BD-DL BD/RE and/or DVD.
    so for WH16NS60 crossflashing it is recommended the BH16NS55 1.02 (within LG firmware product line), which works fine for also for burning
    (DOn't use 1.03 which is UHD-UN-friendly!)

    BH16NS55 1.03 and 1.04 (neither 1.04 original nor 1.04-MK from Mike), as Ch3vr0n reminded, are UHD-UN-friendly, so NOT UHD-friendly! [Edit] 1.04-mk only suitable for makemkv, (but not for AnyDVD)

    BH16NS55 1.03 is not UHD-friendly (neither 1.03 stock, nor "flash_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_BH16NS55_1.03.bin",
    The LG/Asus update utitlity aka LG/Asus flashers cannot downgrade from this with the older (normal) unmodified Clean-firmwares, except with Mike's specially-adapted "Clean"-firmware files it works here, too.e.g. with "DE_LG_BH16NS55_1.02.bin" witrh a "DE" in file name beginning. it just has (principially) less flash locking counter measures than the BH16NS55 (original) 1.04., because it still allows flashing "DE_LG_BH16NS55_1.02.bin" directly.

    There is also a BH16NS55 1.04-MK (edited by Mike from makemkv-forum). This BH16NS55 1.04 from Mike is also NOT UHD-copying-compatible,
    BH16NS55 1.04-mk from Mike was released for LG BH16NS55 which were delivered on stock with 1.04 original LG firmware.
    The original LG 1.04 version blocks flashing with LG-UHD-friendly-firmware (so doesn't allow to flash directly a lower fw-version, and it also Does NOT allow to crossflash to any other UHD-model's firmware), so it blocks flashing also Mike's edited special Clean firmware "DE_LG_BH16NS55_1.02.bin", which the other firmware BH16NS55 1.03 does not block..
    It also even blocks older risky DOsflash e.g. (DO NOT use Dosflash anyways!!)
    Mike's 1.04-mk firmware circumvents that kind of flash descriptor lock (like in Intel Management Engine's firmware on newer Intel Chipsets since Ivy Bridge/Haswell/Skylake/(KabyLake etc.)
    some code which regulates read- and write-access to the SPI-EEPROM and blocking such if enabled in the code), only granting certain type of firmwares.

    So Mike edited the original LG BH16NS55 1.04 firmware a little bit, so 1.04-mk still can be flashed by the "patched" Asus/LG utility flashers even on a BH16NS55 unit over a 1.04 stock firmware (and from a BW-16D1HT with 3.10 original-stock maybe, too, not 100% sure ), and grants flashing more types of firmwares, like "DE_LG_BH16NS55_1.02.bin", which regains Dosflash access (e.g. if s.o really wants to dump only the whole unit's firmware.
    (whereas ME flash descriptor lock is a general read/writeaccess-firmware-block (dependent if a certain bit set in the firmware's storage is to "1" or "0", unlocking requires shorting two pins on Realtek's audio chip during bootup here - but other topic!!)

    Flashing the Asus BW-16D1HT 3.10-mk firmware (exception: also UHD-friendly), on a BW-16D1-HT 3.10 original-stock firmwares, also unlocks flashing e.g. "DE_LG_BH16NS55_1.02.bin":
    so the Asus BW-16D1HT 3.10 stock firmware has also a more resrictive block flashing even e.g. "DE_ASUS_BW-16D1HT_302.BIN" or "e.g. DE_flash_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_BH16NS55_1.02.bin" directly, like the BH16NS55 1.04 original stock has.

    As coopervid says, you can crossflash your WH16NS60 to a LG BH16NS55's firmware (but in the end it must be a 1.02 or 1.01 or 1.00 version), which are UHD-friendly and allows copying UHDs:
    Because WH16NS560 is an NS50/NS55-compatible model.
    That firmware file is recommended for crossflashing WH16NS60 to BH16NS55 1.02: "DE_LG_BH16NS55_1.02.bin"
    (perhaps using only the BH14NS40_N1.00-A4_patched.exe utitlity!)
    If you want AnyDVD-support along with makemkv :)
    ASUS-BW-16D1HT-3.10-WM01601-211901041014.bin works too for AnyDVD + makemkv (but has burning issues with BDs if you want to burn),
    so "DE_LG_BH16NS55_1.02.bin" so can do the most, but that has a sleep bug issue sometimes with the unit, and is slower with ripping sometimes compared to "ASUS-BW-16D1HT-3.10-WM01601-211901041014.bin" where sleep-bug is resolved afaik.
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  12. coopervid

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    @theosch , @Ch3vr0n , @Rew452 ,

    I had just flashed BH16NS55 - 1.04 MK to one of my drives and I can now confirm that this firmware is NOT UHD-friendly anymore. If you want to use AnyDVD in conjunction with other programs you have to stick to BH16NS55- 1.02 or lower. So Ch3vr0n was right.
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  13. SamuriHL

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    As the old saying goes... do your homework.

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  14. Ch3vr0n

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    'anymore', it never was fire anydvd. Afaik mk firmware only works for makemkv. Hate to say 'i told you so!'

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    now you are telling misinformation. Both of my LG BH16NS55 run with MK firmwares. One with the ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.03 MK and the other with 3.10 MK. And both work perfectly with AnyDVD, MakeMKV and DVDFab. So would BH16NS55 1.02 MK. SamuriHL just warned recently that the BH16NS60 cross-flashed to ASUS could have trouble when used as a burner. Therefore staying in the LG firmware family is recommended.
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    afaik at least one MK-firmware I know of (afaik) that would be UHD-friendly also for AnyDVD, would be Asus BW-16D1HT 3.10 MK, correct?? (exception) ?
    And LG BH16NS55 1.03 MK version, as coopervid suggesting and/or he tried out.

    As memory hook, I'd have:
    Mk-firmware means that it is a firmware coming from Mike (MKV-developer?) edited from an original stock firmware, but I doesn't mean that they always work with MakeMKV nor AnyDVD. (On some versions MakeMKV is more tolerant than AnyDVD ?)

    The MK-firmwares removes more strong flashing restriction on higher stock firmware numbers after last version, that was already NOT UHD-friendly, so the patched LG and Asus flasher (or rather Mikes modified Asus flasher will allow to flash even more versions that were older and/or UHD-friendly.
    There are also the DE_ XXXX firmwares, they are also from Mike, but not called MK-firmware, which (all?) or many/most are UHD-friendly which require an MK-firmware flashed before, if the original stock firmare should block flashing DE_ firmwares

    What he managed with all MK firmwares, that they help after a flashing middle step, that you can crossflash other model to e.g. an UHD-friendly firmware or to lower UHD-friendly version (if they drive's hardware is compatible)

    On some newer original stock firmwares (but not all), Mike managed to get UHD-friendly capability. Perhaps more older and newer versions to come, which were at stock not friendly, and Mike maybe added the feature in future.

    Re: NEW OPTION: 'UHD Friendly' Firmware Downgrade / Cross-Flash Using Official (Modified) ASUS Flasher for ASUS & LG DriQuote
    => => MK\HL-DT-ST\BP50NB40-NB50\HL-DT-ST-BD-RE_BP50NB40-NB50-1.02-NM00700-211811011016.bin

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    @Ch3vr0n The MK firmware(s) for UHD friendly drives that Mike Chen released have worked with MakeMKV and AnyDVD all along up to this point.

    From the official explanation of the MK firmware:

    The MK firmware(s) do not work with DeUHD unless Arusoft finally decided to change how drives are detected as supported or not. I doubt it but who knows. I suspect they use a whitelist given the behavior of DeUHD when comparing MK and stock firmware behavior the last time I had an interest in checking. I stopped caring after they ignored me when I asked. I can't comment on DVDFab since I have no interest. That said, since it seems pretty apparent that DVDFab is working with Arusoft to handle UHD decryption I can't figure out why MK firmware would work with DVDFab but not DeUHD but if it does then great. I guess.
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    @theosch und @Rew452 ,

    unfortunately the newest firmware pack at MakeMKV doesn't contain the old firmwares anymore because the new all work with MakeMKV. There is no version of 16NS55 - 1.02 that is MK (Libre Drive) but a DE-version (Downgrade enabled). Rew452, if you need this and the flasher - let me know and send a PM to my attention.

    Yes, up to 3.10 all ASUS firmwares are UHD-friendly.
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  19. SamuriHL

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    Don't be glib. Especially when you're flat out wrong. MK firmware isn't DESIGNED to be UHD friendly, but, MANY versions of it are.
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  20. SamuriHL

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    This is also highly wrong. The MK versions are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to restore the functionality on the drive that MakeMKV needs. Nothing more, nothing less. If it happens to restore UHD friendliness that's a happy accident, but, is by no means guaranteed. What IS guaranteed is that if you flash an MK version of a firmware, it WILL work with MakeMKV as that's what it was designed for.

    Seriously, we need to stop with the guess work and start posting facts. sigh.
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