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    Hey all... I'm hoping to get some insight on this error. My nephew has the complete collection of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Blu ray, but really wants to watch it on our Plex server. I had no trouble with 8 of the 9 discs, but ran into the above error on disc 7. I have made ISO images using AnyDVD's image burner as well as using PowerISO. Same error with both. I am currently trying to do it straight from the disc (which seems to be working), but obviously is much slower. Attached is a logfile. I appreciate your help!

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  2. Bri2000

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    I don't know why I didn't think of this before... I also have a Virtual Image Drive (Daemon Tools Lite). I loaded the image using that and CloneBD now seems to be processing it. I'm guessing that the problem lies in the ISO image reader in CloneBD. Please let me know what you think too.
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    Wow... this was the first time for me openign a CloneBD log :eek:
    I took a look at the textlog and found this at the end:
    29.737 |  Transcoder [Chameleon-5] CHAMELEON::Stop:525 > Chameleon: Thread Demultiplexer failed with 0x80004005
    00:02:29.737 |  Transcoder [Chameleon-5] CHAMELEON::Stop:531 > Chameleon: Stop() completed; all worker threads stopped.
    00:02:29.737 |  Transcoder [Chameleon-1] transcoder stop error: 0x80004005
    00:02:29.737 |  Transcoder [Chameleon-1] last reported error: 'transcoder error 0x80004005' (6)
    00:02:29.739 | [00:00:10.752] - Error in processStreams
    However, since I've never seen a CloneBD log before, I have no idea what that means or what the other files are, so you have to wait for someone with more insights.
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    LOL. Thank you for checking it out. I got it to work by just ripping the disc itself and by loading the disc into my virtual image drive. I am fairly certain that the problem lies in the ISO reader in CloneBD.
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    Maybe not. I routinely have issues with disc sets and they are normally from a bad disc and or read errors. I can sometimes get around that by ripping to image than creating an MKV from there. It seems that sometimes you can get around disc issues by taking it one step at a time as it were vs trying to rip and transcode all at once.
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    Hi DQ... Doing it the way you are suggesting (ripping to an image first and then creating an MP4/MKV from that image) was what I was doing when I was receiving the error. The only way that I was able to circumvent that error was by not using the ISO reader in CloneBD and instead either using a different virtual image drive or by ripping and transcoding directly from the disc. I prefer to rip to an image first; that's why I did it that way and reported the problem before trying it any other way.