Equivalent programs for Mac???

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by MikeA, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Well, I have the Slysoft suite installed on one of my PC's and it works great. I have no complaints, and, in fact, have probably sold a few additional copies because of my praise.
    However, I just went out and replaced my notebook with an Intel based MacBook Pro. What are my options for software that is equivalent to the Slysoft suite? I know I can run Windows on my MacBook, but that seems like a lot of overhead and disk usage.
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    Really nothing comes close to the slysoft suit.
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    I use MAC as well. On the MAC side for regular DVDs the only real game in town is MAC THE RIPPER. In all honesty, it was very hit and miss. What I chose to do was get Parallels and use it with XP and rip the DVDs in the virtual windows into VOBs etc. This worked fine (also worked with VMWare Fusion). The program I used at the time was DVDShrink. In my case, I reauthored with NO compression and did the Main features. I had no interest in menus, add on features etc.

    With the advent of getting HD DVD discs, and XBox HDDVD addon player, the virtual windows wont work. I go to bootcamp and dual boot directly into Windows to get play back of HD DVD.

    If you are not doing Blu Ray or HD DVD, but only standard DVD movies, the route above will work well on the Laptop. You can use either the DVD Player app in MAC (if you user Leopard its very good) or resort to VLC which is a great universal media player. My take is to get the Slysoft products over DVDShrink. The support from these forums alone, makes the cost well worth the while as there are no official "updates" to DVDShrink to speak of and you already know how aggressive and timely Slysoft is with their product line.

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