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    Not sure which forum this belongs in (Mods please move if needed)

    I was disappointed that AnyDVD failed on 4 of 5 DVDs this weekend. Very suspicious after just updating the AnyDVD version.
    Researching the forums I saw many (MANY!) replies stating "set the drive region code".
    Erroneously proud of myself for having already checked that setting in AnyDVD, I knew that couldn't be my problem.

    Even the popup help confirmed I'd completed that necessary step.

    Then, after James responded with that same phrase I knew additional research was needed.
    There was no indication that AnyDVD had independent settings for the region.

    Please add a line to the settings page so future users will know there are 2 settings with the same/similar name


    Or, at a minimum, update the popup help to explain these dual entries.
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    That message specifically states the region ANYDVD will use, not the region your DRIVE will use ;) The fact that you updated anydvd is just a coincidence, nothing else. New DVD protections are handled by anydvd versions.
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    Yes, as of today *I* understand that difference. My suggestion is to make it clearer in the tool itself.

    (oh, and I mention the 4 of 5 fails to indicate my incentive to begin research)
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    I believe that request has already been made a while ago, i THINK @James said he'd look into it to even have anydvd set the region for the user. Not sure, nor any promised if it can be done.