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    Does anyone know the .m2ts sequence for Enchanted? I thought it was 00150.mpls and that is mostly correct but has some parts in it that aren't correct. I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Thanks!!

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    Edited out. Sorry. Shouldn't have posted this here.
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    I was having a lot of problems with Enchanted until I updated the firmware in my Pioneer BD drive. If I tried to play it in PDVD it'd play for about 30 seconds then get all stuttery and stop, menus were fine though. Sounds like you're having a similar problem.

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    Good info, but how do you join all the files in to one large one?
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    What you want to do is use eac3to (search doom9 for a link...I'm too lazy to go get it for you right now :D) command line and run the following command:

    eac3to <drive letter of BD>:

    e.g. eac3to d:

    This will list all the playlists for the movies on the disc. For Enchanted, playlist 001 I believe has the main movie. Then you open up TSMuxer 1.84 or later (again, doom9, lazy :D) and add the playlist that you found with eac3to. Then you can output to a new blu-ray folder structure, .ts, or .m2ts. Unselect the streams you don't want and you're good to go. It will take care of all the joining and other nonsense.
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    Thanks mate, just testing now.