Enabling subtitles on Studio Canal HD-DVD

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    Firstly I would like say how incredible this piece of software is and thank the developers for their hardwork!

    I have the Studio Canal disc of LA HAINE and thanks to AnyDVDHD I can get it to play by opening EVO files manually in PowerDVD but as there are no menus I cannot get activate the English subtitle track. Does anybody know of a way round this?

    Many thanks.
  2. James

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    Do not play .evo files.
    Do not play .evo files.
    Do not play .evo files.
    Do not play .evo files.
    Do not play .evo files.
    Do not play .evo files.


    Tick "Studio Canal" in AnyDVD settings. Play the disc. Select the main movie manually in PowerDVD (Goto->Title->Chapter)
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    And it works!

    Thanks James, keep up the good work!
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    Ok James another conundrum for you.

    How do I disable subtitles on Studio Canal releases? Pressing 'u' will only scroll through the different subtitle options and not turn them off. Any ideas?

    Thanks again.
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    First, you should write Cyberlink and complain about this. In the meantime, you can help yourself using AnyDVD's "Magic File Replacement(tm)":

    I take "Basic Instinct" (Studio Canal / Kinowelt) as an example. All other work similar.

    1.) Insert the disc. Wait for decryption to finish (Litte red fox turns red). Make sure, that scripts are *not* deleted "when done".
    2.) Disable AnyDVD. Fox turns grey.

    In Explorer, navigate to the scripts directory of the disc. For Basic Instinct, this would be:
    For Total Recall:

    You see the file VPLST000.XPL there. Open it in Notepad (or whatever text editor you like). Notepad is a little dangerous, as it might add unwanted characters at the beginning, but it doesn't seem to matter.

    Look for the main movie. It looks like this:
    <Title id="mainMovie" titleNumber="4" displayName="Main Movie" titleDuration="02:08:04:00" onEnd="warning">

    In <TrackNavigationList> pick a subtitle you won't need. Let's say you don't need Netherlands (nl) which is
    <SubtitleTrack track="8" langcode="nl:00" selectable="true"/>

    Okay, we are going to make track 8 our "subtitles off" track.

    <PrimaryAudioVideoClip src="file:///dvddisc/HVDVD_TS/L0_mainMovie.MAP" titleTimeBegin="00:00:00:00" titleTimeEnd="01:20:38:08" seamless="false">


    <PrimaryAudioVideoClip src="file:///dvddisc/HVDVD_TS/L1_mainMovie.MAP" titleTimeBegin="01:20:38:08" titleTimeEnd="02:08:04:00" seamless="true">


    <Subtitle track="8" streamNumber="8" mediaAttr="1"/>


    <Subtitle track="8" streamNumber="9" mediaAttr="1"/>

    Now save the file. Enable AnyDVD. Play the title in PowerDVD. Press U until Netherland is selected as subtitle. Subtitles are off now.

    Now the next lesson:
    How to get rid of the Warner HD DVD demo before the main movie:

    Example is Superman Returns (US)
    Do as above, the file should be located here:


    Look for the intro. It is here:
    <Title id="intro" titleDuration="00:02:01:56" titleNumber="1" description="Intro to HD DVD" tickBaseDivisor="4" onEnd="mpaa">

    Change titleDuration to "00:00:00:01". This was easy, wasn't it?
    Same trick can be done with the mpaa warning:

    <Title id="mpaa" titleDuration="00:00:06:00" titleNumber="2" description="MPAA card" tickBaseDivisor="4" onEnd="feature">

    Just change titleDuration to "00:00:00:01".

    A more elegant solution would be to omit the mpaa warning completely. This should work as well:

    Change onEnd="mpaa" in the intro to "feature".

    Save the file, enable AnyDVD. As long as you don't delete these scripts, AnyDVD will always use them instead of those on the disc. You can completely remaster every HD DVD you like. Just make sure, that the scripts won't grow much larger than the original on the disc. Smaller isn't a problem.

    If you save the scripts on a network location, all machines in your household can benefit from the "enhanced" remastering.
  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Here is the next lesson, "Basic Instinct" again.
    After we have disabled the subtitles, now it is time to let Michael Douglas & Sharon Stone do their job without manually selecting the main title.

    (All other Studio Canal / Kinowelt / Optimum Releasing titles are similar, e.g. "The Pianist", "Elephant Man", "Total Recall", "The Fog" ... although they lack Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone.)

    Look for the <Title id ="init" ...
    and change its running time to 1 frame. When playback is finished, let it jump to the main movie. The line should should look like this:
    <Title id="init" titleNumber="1" titleDuration="00:00:00:01" selectable="true" onEnd="mainMovie">

    That wasn't so hard either, was it? :D
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    Wow, that was quick.

    Thanks James, will give that a try.