EMBY no longer able to extract run time of Blurays

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by rms8, Dec 23, 2017.

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    Is there ANY chance that something in AnyDVD HD has changed in the last year or so that would stop EMBY from being able to read the running time of a ripped Bluray?

    At some point a while back I noticed that ripped Blurays were no longer displaying total run time in the EMBY GUI. DVD's do not appear to be affected. I posted this concern in the Emby forums because I assumed something must have changed with EMBY.

    Here is that thread.

    I rip all my movies in the folder structure. Movies ripped prior to me noticing this behavior are able to correctly have their run time extracted and displayed by EMBY. It's just recent rips (probably some time earlier this year???).

    Hopefully it may be something with way AnyDVD is ripping the Blurays.

  2. James

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    I am not aware of any related changes.
    Why not try the original disc with AnyDVD running? And play with AnyDVD settings?
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    EMBY is a server/host program for media. I run EMBY Server on a Win7 PC. There I have ~ 30Tb of movies/music. I access this media via any PC running EMBY Theater or EMBY for WMC. (all win7 machines). The GUI for EMBY for WMC displays all sorts of configurable info for each movie on the server. One being run time. According to the developers for EMBY, that info is extracted from the movie file itself....NOT the meta-data .xml file.

    So I cannot try the original disc, since all this takes place on a server with a soft copy. I could re-rip that disc, but I have already tried that in the past with no success.

    So there are only two variables in play. EMBY or AnyDVD HD. EMBY Developers say nothing has changed so.....I'm trying you guys. :)
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    1) An Easy way for you to verify if this is anydvd or emby is to see if it works with your older blu-ray rips, if it doesn't, then obviously its an issue with Emby

    2) If it does, then take a BR rip you know works and rip it with the new version of AnyDVD, if it still works, its an issue with Emby, if it doesn't, perhaps its something AnyDVD changed (With that said, I dont know what it would be, as it all looks the same BDMV file system as it always did).

    If I had to guess, something changed in how either BR companies are storing their BR data (Ala screenpass protection) and that is messing up Emby or Emby itself changed nd doesn't realize it.
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