"Elizabeth: The Golden Age" HD-DVD black screen of Death!!

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  1. jonnymariah

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    Hey All,

    Has anyone had a problem PLAYING "Elizabeth: The Golden Age", HD-DVD on their HTPC?

    When I hit play...I just get a black screen?

    I have all the standard stuff (Power DVD 3319f, etc....). I have included my

    Do I need to upgrade my PowerDVD? I got an email about an update?

    "Dear PowerDVD user,

    CyberLink has just released an important Blu-ray 1.1 Profile update for all PowerDVD Ultra users. This crucial update allows you to enjoy Blu-ray movie discs that feature picture-in-picture functionality. A slew of BD movie titles released in 2008 include this feature such as 3:10 to Yuma, Sunshine and Resident Evil: Extinction. Plus, this update is so much more important now that Wal-Mart, NetFlix & Best Buy announced last week to stop carrying HD DVD movie titles! Blu-ray is the victor so get this update for your PowerDVD Ultra today.

    If currently you are unable to play HD movie titles with your PowerDVD version, click here to update"


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  2. Adbear

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    The update is for Blu-ray not HD DVD so it shouldn't really make any difference
  3. Humpa

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    I thought AnyDVD HD can't be running when using PowerDVD on anything after 3319a?
  4. bjmills

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    Sure it can.
  5. captain_video

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    I've only seen the black screen with ripped movies but then I don't usually play them back directly from disc. The problem has always been due to multiple xpl files. Try ripping the disc to your hard drive and then look in the ADV_OBJ folder. If there is more than one .xpl file, try renaming the extension on the first one and attempt to play back the movie in Power DVD. If that doesn't work, change the extension of the first .xpl file back and rename the 2nd one. You should be able to play it back once you get the correct xpl file.
  6. profcolli

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    New Universal title - check "rename highest xpl file" in AnyDvd settings.