Elizabeth Golden Age HD DVD problems

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  1. Nova935

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    When trying to play movie with PowerDVD 3104a, a box pops up and states the following: This Security alert download requires a secure connection which includes server authorization. The certificate issuer for this site is untrusted. If you select yes to authenticate, nothing happens, if you press no it causes PowerDVD to crash with a error message. If you go directly to the certificate and open and "install it" , the movie still doesnt play but PowerDVD does not crash. Movie rips to my hard drive Ok, but the back up copy still causes the same problem stated above. The security certificate is found in the movies ADV OBJ folder. If I remove the certificate from the folder the movie does not play and PowerDVD does not crash. If you navigate to the DVD`s folder and select the Feature_1 EVO file, the movie plays without crashing PowerDVD. I pasted a copy of the certificate in the attached log file.
    Maybe after viewing these files you might be able to let me know why they are there and if there is a "work around" so I could play the movie without going directly to the ADV OBJ folder. Thanks Nova935

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  2. bearcat

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    I am having difficulty playing this disc both as an original in the xbox player and as an iso made from imgburn; anybody have any ideas? thanks
  3. James

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    Try to enable "rename highest XPL file" in AnyDVD.
  4. talon95

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    I couldn't get this movie to play with 3319a at all (hangs just before the stupid internet download screen), with or without AnyDVD. 3516 and 3730 worked though.
  5. bearcat

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    Thanks for this tip "Try to enable "rename highest XPL file" in AnyDVD." it works for the original disc!
    also success with playing an iso:

    I ripped original with AnyDVDHD then built an iso with imgBurn and the iso now works with 7330!
  6. Nova935

    Nova935 Well-Known Member

    Thanks James, renaming the highest XPL file did the trick. Plays from the disc and hard drive with no problems. Nova935