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    Ok so I'm ready to dive head first into this device.ini file and start making my own tweaked versions of everything. However, I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding what all the settings mean and/or do. Is there some sort of comprehensive guide to editing your own device.ini file somewhere? Or at least something that can get me off on the right track? I see bits and pieces of stuff here and there in some of the threads, and the sticky with all the examples is nice, but I'm looking for something that maybe shows all the possible settings and the different options for each one.

    My computer science degree gives me just enough knowledge to really jack stuff up pretty bad, and I'd rather have something to go on other than trial and error... at least to begin with. :eek:
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    What device(s) do you want to tweak for? If you want to know what all the settings are for check out the website for Mencoder
    If you just want to know what's best for a specific device, post the name (or specs) here and I'm sure somebody will respond.
    But isn't heuristics more fun....? ;)
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