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    Hi All

    I am a photographer at Cambridge University in the UK. We use some commercial DVDs for teaching purposes and rather let lecturers have the original DVD - you wouldn't believe how many come back damaged :eek:(

    So I have downloaded Any DVD and Clone DVD and made a copy of a protected DVD. Very easy to use - great products that do what they say they do and which I will be happy to buy.

    However, what I also need to be able to do is to extract clips from some of the DVDs - some DVDs we show in their entirety - no problem making back up copies of those, but some of them we only need to show 3 or 4 brief clips of maybe one minute each. Upto now the only solution has been for the lecturer to fast forward or rewind back and forth trying to find the relevant clips - not a great solution!

    So my question is this - is there an application (preferably easy to use!) that I can use to lift clips out of the dvd - Clone DVD doesn't do this does it?

    I really hope someone can point me in the right direction on this.


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    CloneDVD can take individual chapters, but it doesn't go any smaller than that.

    DVDShrink, on the other hand, is capable of cutting down beyond the chapters, to pretty much whatever clip you want. It's freeware, so there's no additional cost. After you've extracted the clips you want in the form of VOB files, you can use a program like Nero to author a new DVD (incorporating a simple menu, if you'd like) with only those select clips.
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    I am a not a techie in any way shape or form when it comes to video so please be gentle with me!

    What I want to do is to be able to edit a movie with something like Windows Movie Maker - so I can take several clips and edit them into one movie and then render/export/save the resulting clip as a quicktime movie, a windows movie, mpeg etc or just create a single ten second movie

    Will DVDShrink do this?

    What are VOB files?


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    Lots of new things to learn... :D

    What is DVD?

    Read about VOB files here:

    More DVD Shrink guides here:

    If you would like to download the flashmovie guides I have included the links.

    Full-Disk basic guide:

    Still Image: shows one of the numerous uses of this compression setting
    In this case, how to add (and create) a "Please Insert Disc 2" end-title to a compilation.

    Basic guide: an introduction to using DVD Shrink v3.1.x "Re-author" mode.
    Includes making a simple compilation.

    This guide is especially useful for your needs!
    Intermediate guide: a slightly more advanced v3.1.x guide.
    Includes making a simple compilation and using the "Start/End" feature.

    Compilation guide: how to "compile" titles from different DVDs.

    Forced subtitles: how to identify and set subpictures (subtitles) to be displayed automatically.

    Burn to DVD with free ImgBurn:

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    Hi All

    Thanks for the pointers so far! Your help is much appreciated.

    I have now been able to copy a section of DVD using DVDShrink which worked just fine. I then saved the resulting files to my hard drive and played them back using Real Player (only because it was the first media player that I came to on my desktop!)

    No problem playing back.

    However, my next hurdle is to get the clip into a format that can be dropped into Powerpoint - mpeg or quicktime I think. All our lecturers use Powerpoint to run presentations and many run them in auto mode - click to start and let it run through image files, play movies and sounds without having to keep clicking on all the time.

    What do I need to do next to get the clip(s) ready for Powerpoint?


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    I'm back again!

    I have a piece of software called Handbrake which allows me to convert the files to mpeg4 - which played a treat in iTunes and Real Player but unfortunately is not recognised by the version of Powerpoint that we use as standard - Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2003


    So I specifically need an application to convert to AVI, WMV, ASF or MPG


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    You could tryout CloneDVD Mobile free for a period of 21 days.
    CloneDVD Mobile supports many different output formats and you should be able to import to Powerpoint 2003.

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    Woo Hoo

    Problems solved! (well for the time being or at least until the next complication comes up)

    I can save as a WMV or MPEG4 to use my clips in Powerpoint on the PC so thats fine and dandy.

    You can take a complete presentation created on the PC and open it on the Mac but it won't play the movie - just shows the first frame! Same with WMV. Nor was I able to insert an MPEG4 into Powerpoint on the Mac.

    However, if I dragged the movie from my memory stick on to the mac desk top and then changed the file extension .mpeg4 - Powerpoint can now see the movie, it can be inserted and it plays the file!