EAN 4006680048352 - Wen die Geister lieben: Blu-ray Disc wird nicht erkannt

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    o.g. Titel lässt sich zwar auf einem "normalen" BD-Player abspielen, aber im PC versagt er auf beiden Laufwerken (LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH16NS40 [Fw 1.03] und SONY Optiarc BD RW BD-5300S [Fw 1.06]).

    0.00s: AnyDVD HD
    Coordinated universal time is Wed Oct 30 11:51:46 2019
    Local time is Wed Oct 30 12:51:46 2019
    0.19s: Drive: G:, disabled: 0, don't touch: 0, capture: 0
    0.19s: copy protection based on unreadable sectors: 400
    0.19s: patch: 69f
    0.19s: AIscan: 1
    0.19s: sbresult: 04695970
    0.19s: getInteger(0): 1
    0.19s: unit ready failed, sense 2:30:0
    0.19s: unit ready failed, sense 2:30:0
    0.19s: medium state: 1

    Alle anderen Discs werden von AnyDVD HD erkannt!

    Help please.

    Viele Grüße,
  2. Lukas

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    logfile ?
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  5. Ch3vr0n

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    I believe what he's saying is that the drive detects the disc, but can't make any sense of it to read it's content. Which most likely means it's a dirty and/or defective disc and/or drive.

    If the drive reads other discs just fine, it's a problematic disc

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  6. hans plast

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    Thank you Ch3vr0n.

    Thing is, that disc reads fine on a regular BD player. AnyDVD HD does not have any problems with other discs that i feed to it. It looks to me as if this specific BD has some sort of an undetected protection mechanism. Again, I think this is not about the disc being defective.
  7. Pete

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    Trust me, it is definitively not a protection mechanism. Without any doubt. None whatsoever.
    Blu-ray Discs and drives are touchy. It is very common, that drives in standalone players are a bit better when it comes to reading borderline bad discs.