DVR‑Provider 3 updated to build 3.06.01, from 25.02.2022:

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    The DVR‑Provider 3 is a Windows Media Centre. It is suitable for starting movies such as ISO's and MKV's etc., on the OPPO's and Clones, directly from the DVR‑Provider 3 Posterwall.

    DVR‑Provider 3 updated to build 3.06.01, from 25.02.2022:
    Download DVR-Provider 3.06.01

    DVR Provider 3.06 (18.02.2022): (change log)
    New: TMM fix: Trailers could contain invalid URLs
    When importing films from Tiny Media Manager (TMM), the link to video trailers of the film was taken over with the syntax ofTMM. This link could not be used directly in DVR Provider 3. All links to trailers are now included revised. If you use TMM as a data source, films already imported into DVR-Provider 3 must be deleted and re-imported. This way, the trailers from TMM will also be correctly imported into DVR-Provider 3.

    New: The import result can be improved by adding a date to the filename.
    If the file name contains the release date of the film in addition to the title, this date will also be used for the search on Especially with films for which there are many different films with the same title, this now leads to a very high hit rate.

    Fix: Oppo does not continue movie
    It could happen that when sending a film to the Oppo, the running time of the movie position was not accepted by the player. Thus, it was not possible to continue the movie at the last playback position. In addition, it could happen that the playback was interrupted.

    Fix: Release date is misaligned
    If the release date of the movie is not available on during import, the date 01.01.0001 was preset in DVR Provider 3. It was difficult to set the correct date manually. If you now click in the field, the current date is set as the default and it is now easier to manually change this to the year of release. In addition, it could happen when editing the film that the default date was lost.

    Fix: Wrong information about deleted movies after import
    Deleted movies in the database are displayed in red after an import. It could happen that the number was not determined correctly.