DVR‑Provider 3 updated to build 3.05.04, from 15.01.2022:


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Dec 16, 2019
The DVR‑Provider 3 is a Windows Media Centre. It is suitable for starting movies such as ISO's and MKV's etc., on the OPPO's and Clone, directly from the DVR‑Provider 3 Posterwall.

DVR‑Provider 3 updated to build 3.05.04, from 15.01.2022:

This version has already been optimised for Windows 11 Professional and successfully tested. The new movie option "Movie Collection" has also been introduced here. This allows movies (e.g., all "James Bond" movies) to be grouped together under one cover in the user interface of the web interface. The cover of the most recent movie in the movie collection is always displayed. After clicking on the picture, the list opens from which you can select each individual movie.

DVR‑Provider 3 scrapes its data when importing from (TMDB) and stores it in its local database.

Especially pictures of the actors or movie ratings are constantly updated or exchanged on TMDB. Until now, this led to the fact that pictures of actors were no longer displayed in DVR‑Provider 3 after a few months.

It is now possible to update a selected movie or even a whole movie list in the admin interface. It is now possible to select which data will be revised.

The DVR‑Provider 3 GUI is multilingual. The admin and user interface can be switched to over 50 languages.

When importing movies, one can choose between German and English. Should TMDB provide covers and movie descriptions in other languages in the future, these will also be adopted for the import in DVR‑Provider 3.

Below is an overview of all changes:

DVR‑Provider 3 updated to build 3.05.04, from 15.01.2022:

NEW: Missing release date of a movie on TMDB in DVR Provider 3 easy editable.
FIX: Import of TinyMediaManager (TMM) for movie trailers modified.

DVR‑Provider 3 updated to build 3.05.04, from 10.09.2021:

NEW: New movie type "Movie Collection"
NEW: Shortcuts with search terms in the clipboard for searching with CTRL+F in the admin interface.
NEW: "Update record" to update data on the displayed film via TMDB.
NEW: Tool "Data Update" and "Tech. Data" tool to update existing data.
NEW: Tool "Copy Videos" determines the space requirement of the selected films.
NEW: TMM: Movie Collection properties are now also taken from the NFO file.
FIX: Import TV Shows: For TV Shows e.g. "xxxx Who (1963)" or (2005) (date is used to search TMDB).
FIX: Import: A date in the file name e.g. "(1967)" used to cause problems when importing series.
FIX: Special or invisible characters in the file name caused an import abort.
FIX: TAG search in web interface and admin interface did not show "7.1 Audio".
FIX: Movie Collection in the web interface: The cover of the latest movie of a movie collection is now always displayed.
FIX: Advanced Search: Filtering by "Last updated date" is now possible.
FIX: TMM Import: Movies with parentheses () in the name were previously only imported as "UNKOWN".
FIX: A process optimisation now massively reduces the CPU load.
FIX: In the file name, everything in [ ] is now consistently ignored during import. There were problems here when importing series.

DVR‑Provider 3 updated to build 3.04, from 16.06.2021:

With this version, the use of IP control of the OPPO player and clone was introduced for the first time and so a very comfortable remote control of all player functions of the OPPO's and clone is now possible. For direct start of ISOs, a completely new type of streaming was introduced in DVR‑Provider 3.

DVR‑Provider 3 updated to build 3.03, from 01.05.2021:

To prepare information and pictures for other media centres (e.g. KODI, EMBY), many use the Tiny Media Manager (TMM). As a rule, this data has already been processed and the DVR‑Provider 3 only needs to read it out. By deselecting the Internet search (binoculars symbol crossed out) in the search path, you activate the search for local TMM files. The import is very fast. The DVR‑Provider 3 copies all data into its database. Nothing is changed in the TMM data. Advantage: There is no need for checking or post-processing.

The following is also new or has been improved:

New: MP4 files can now also be streamed.
New: TMM import of series.
New: TMM import: Pictures of movies and TV shows are taken over.
New: The manually assignable technical properties have been extended.
Fix: Date e.g. "(2017)" in the file name is now ignored during import.
Fix: A path with more than 255 characters caused the import to be aborted.
Fix: Preselection for "Continue playback" is now linked to the saved last playback position.
Fix: Automatically mounted ISO's in the PC are automatically ejected when logging off or exiting the DVR‑Provider 3.
Fix: "Advanced Searches" are displayed at the top of the web interface and are thus more easily accessible.
Fix: The new determination of technical data with MediaInfo has been extended for ISO files.