DVI / HDMI pc to HDTV question

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    How do HD fussbudgets. Being new to the game -I am getting the goods, an HP Media Center 2005,model 7690n with HD DVD player is on the way, and anticipate a Samsung DLP-LED by Xmas.
    I'm very value conscious, and wanted some feedback for digital interconnects for picture. the pc has DVI
    want HDMI/HDMI for up scaling reg DVD player.
    I am assuming, the best as a one piece for pc to hdtv withDVI/ HDMI.
    I have heard Better Cables are rock solid quality.
    Of course, I wanted the quality at a cheaper price, so any feedback with that in mind would be appreciated.

    its so nice to have some really experienced to go to to pick your brainy expertise.

    It wouldn't have been possible to get the lowdown on what gear plays together nice and avoid not getting it right the first time without the invaluable insight from this forum... kudos to all.
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    Cables Do Matter

    I have the Mitsubishi WD-73927 connected to a home built HTPC running Vista connected on a DVI port with a DVI to HDMI cable. I started with a 7800GT graphics card but "needed" to have Blu-Ray and HD content! I upgraded to the 8600GTS and still had problems. After a random about of time of the PC being on, the TV would freak out and have crazy lines of all colors. It took a power off of the TV to get it back. I reinstalled swapped out hardware, played with driver versions, reinstalled, and finally swapped cables! That was it a cheap cable from Best Buy was the problem. I swapped it out for a monster cable (just a name) but available locally. No problems since! If you go with Better Cables let us know how they work.
  3. I've built quite a few media center PCs. Here's are some configuration that works well.

    Tower Case (less than $100)
    500W Power Supply - 80 Plus recommended (less than $125)
    Intel or Asus systemboard ($80 to $250)
    2GB RAM (less than $100)
    Nvidia 8600 series or ATI 2600 series (~roughly $125 - $150)
    500GB SATA hard drive (less than $110)
    Avermedia PCIe combo TV adapter (less than $100)
    XBox 360 HD-DVD Drive if you like HD-DVD (less than $175 comes with movies)
    Pioneer BDC-202BKS Drive if you like BD (less than $250)
    Windows Home Premium or Ultimate 32-bit. ($120 - $180)
    PowerDVD Ultra or WinDVD HighDef version (less than $100)
    64-bit not recommended at yet - Not enough application support.
    Logitech or Microsoft Mouse (less than $50)
    Westinghouse 47" LCD Monitor (inexpensive but good monitor) (less than $1500)

    What's your budget? :eek: Need more info to make better recommendation.