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    Any chance of getting ANYDVD to create a DVDXML file in a directory when you rip a disc to HDD ? The reason being is that ANYDVD upsets the CRC64 used for the creation of these files, so you need to rip it, close AnyDVD, then create the dvdxml file, then re-enable AnyDVD.

    They are quite simple, and i figured that AnyDVD would be able to get the real CRC64 of the disc without closing. You will probably say no, but if nobody asks...

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  2. Ryan

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    I have a similar ask that I have not heard back on, specifically I requested that anydvd expose a API to get the unmodified discid, a AnyDVD:GetDiscID() that would return the DiscID of the Disc before Slysoft did their magic this would allow applications like DVD Profiler and My Movies to get the read disc id without disabling AnyDVD which takes a long time and has issues relating to how one can programatically determine if AnyDVD is ready after its been started again.
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    Hi I have been trying to find information on how to retrieve the disk id just wondering if anyone had any info on this.
    Have created vbscript for sony xl1b changer loads the disk puases to allow anydvd to read the disk. Then calls dvddecrypter, if the dvd label is for example dvdvideo and this folder already exists then creates folder dvdvideo1 etc. Ideally if I ould read the dvdid then could use collection.xml from dvd profiler to get the title then create folder with the title
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    Please tell me, how to calculate the "ID" field. Source code snippet welcome. Thanks!