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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Grampadave, Feb 20, 2007.

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    I am having a problem with the DVD Movies that I am backing up. They start to play just fine and after about 10 min. into the movie they will start and stop and sometimes stop completely.

    I am using CloneCD2, AnyDVD ( up to date). two DVD Burners (both less then 1 year old) a Pioneer DVR109 to read the DVD and a Pioneer DVR 110D to burn the Movie. My media is Memorex DVD -/ + R 16x. Both of my burners have never had a problem with this media and neither has my DVD Player.

    I have cleaned my lasers in all of my DVD units. The original DVD movies all play just fine. This problem has only started recently. Both burners copy music without any problems.

    Any thoughts would be helpful.

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    Clonecd or Clonedvd2?

    Try Verbatim (CMC) or Taiyo Yuden. Memorex's media, frankly, leaves something to be desired.

    This is not useful information since Memorex does not make its own media. They take the lowest bidders from other manufacturers and resell their goods under Memorex's name. Memorex discs vary in quality from batch to batch, and sometimes even from disc to disc. Not all Memorex media is bad, but quite often it's not easy to determine what you'll get. In particular, Memorex DL stuff is horrible (especially if Ritek makes it).
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    Personally, I only ever use discs with a GO5 Dye, never ever let me down and I only ever burn at a max of 4x, any faster, and I dont care how high the burn capabilities of the Optical drive, any more and your asking for playback errors.
    So many machines out there and most of them are temperamental towards certain media and burn speeds with a variety of symptoms.
    Try a GO5 dye at 2x, then move on to 4x and so on,bet when you get to 8x and above your trouble starts!
    Good luck.
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    Thank very much folks. I will try my next movie backup using your suggestions.

    Thanks Again