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  1. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No, there aren't any movies with 23.98 fps.
  2. multiblitz

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    For highest playback-quality in HD-DVD/Blu-Ray you need for a 8600GT and PDVD Uktra Vista. In Vista it uses EVR instead of overlay. But in Vista Re-Clock does not work with PDVD. If this can get fixed, I would be an extremly happy man.
  3. Momber

    Momber Well-Known Member

    I concur. The list of available refresh rates in reclock cover all the bases needed.
  4. pcguru

    pcguru New Member

    Yes you were right, 23.98 is just what Media Player Classic reports in Properties - Details for the movies. :D
  5. theshadowrunner

    theshadowrunner Well-Known Member

    Hey All,
    Since ReClock's official forum on free.fr is dead and the ReClock code now belongs to slysoft, here's a compilation of enhancements and bugs for the latest ReClock 1.7b4.
    I really hope SlySoft can take it from there.


    - Add support for EVR and Haali's video renderers. (the "Tearing test" on those would be most interesting..)

    - Add detection of framerate from h.264 video streams

    - Option to blacklist some file extensions or video stream types from being treated by ReClock (I'm thinking of those crazy WMV files @ 120fps which make ReClock alternate all the time between 24fps and 30fps modes while the media is playing, and no, my display cannot do 120hz :/)

    - Allow the user to define his own shortcuts to access the "Tearing Test" and "Show Vsync on screen". Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F9 or F10 is very impractical and very hard to emulate via an IR remote control (it works 2-3 times out of 10 button presses at most :/)
    I would be perfectly happy with just "F9" & "F10" without all the rest hehe.


    - Enabling/Disabling the "Tearing Test" doesn't sem to work the way it is supposed to.
    The problem is that when enabling the "Tearing Test", Reclock will automatically enable the "Show Vsync on screen" feature as well.
    And if we disable the "Show VSync on Screen feature", then everything disappears. It's not possible to have the "Tearing Test" running alone. Therefore why the need for 2 checkboxs (and 2 shortcuts)?

    - The major and most annoying bug:
    Pc specs: XPSP2, Geforce8500GT, nvidia 169.44, IntelE2180
    Screen: sony hdtv with 1080p@48, 1080p@50 & 1080p@60
    Reclock settings: Speed:"Auto (best)", always in PCM mode, no vsync correction for VMR9.
    ZP video renderer: VMR9 windowed (VMR9 renderless & windowless have too much problems being displayed correctly after RunEvent.vbs resolution change, getting a persistent black screen most of the time with those renderers)
    The bug :
    If I let a video play without any interruption from start to finish, it will always be perfectly smooth all the time (the joys of watching the "tearing test" for 1h30 ). ReClock does its job perfectly.
    But If i interract with the video, using fast-forward or rewind, maybe 2 times out of 10 when the video resumes at normal speed, it will be totally jerky.
    I'm *not* talking about tearing, more in details, the "tearing test" will show the line "jumping", although the "vsync on screen" is perfectly stable and there's no tearing whatsoever.
    A very easy way to correct this issue is to simply to pause, wait 2 seconds and then resume the video. Then everything becomes perfectly synced again.
    What could be the cause of this?
    It happens with all renderers (VMR7, Overlay, all VMR9s and EVEN VMR9 Renderless Exclusive.)
    It happens will all video stream types, DVD movies included.
    It happens under any frequency 48hz, 50Hz & 60hz.

    According to Ogo (ReClock's author) "This is caused by the video renderer drawing each frame exactly during vertical blank, which is not a good idea. This problem is exacerbated with ReClock, because the video renderer will stay in sync with the video card, thus drawing each frame during vertical blank. I don't know yet how to solve this (writing a new video renderer would be a solution but this is not an option !)"

    Is there trully no solution to this even as of now? (that Ogo quote is old, to say the least)
    How come this problem doesn't seem to bother anyone?

    Thanks for reading. I hope SlySoft will put the ReClock code to good use. EVR is sadly not the miracle every htpc owner has been waiting for :/

  6. sanderh

    sanderh Well-Known Member

    does any of the reclock professionals here know if the Sound Pre-Buffer size value in the config of ReClock could have any (negative) affect on lip-sync?

    I have the feeling that if I lower this value to eg. 100ms instead of the 500ms standard, the lip-sync is better/more accurate.

    What values are you guys using? 500ms 20% and 5%?
  7. theshadowrunner

    theshadowrunner Well-Known Member

    shit sanderh, for a sec I thought James from Slysoft answered my 2 weeks old message :p
    I was happy :p
    As for you question i have 200ms, 20% and 5% and pretty sure it doesn't influence lipsynch at all. With a lower value, you can just seek faster in the file but it can break sound output in certain cases. (if I set to 100ms, certain files won't have audio anymore.. at all. putting back to 200 fixes it)
  8. Cyberguyen

    Cyberguyen New Member

    Hope Slysoft are working on the new ReClock else I would like the sourcecode to get a new author that would do something usefull with it...

    Please release a version of ReClock slysoft - we all need it real bad!!! :bang:
  9. sanderh

    sanderh Well-Known Member

    like I mentioned before, I think Slysoft is not working on a new version since it has been more than 6 months since we heard some official rumors from Slysoft. I m trying to get in contact with Ogo at this moment to see if we can the Reclock sourcecode. This way maybe some guys here (like midiboy etc) can make a new version of ReClock themselves.
  10. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    How much do you pay?
  11. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    You can't. We've bought it.
  12. sanderh

    sanderh Well-Known Member

    so WILL there be a BETA version of the renewed ReClock soon? :bowdown:
  13. Cyberguyen

    Cyberguyen New Member

    I will pay for a working version of DVD reclock!!! :agree:

    I will even pay in advance for a working version, so just hire a programmer and get working on it. There is no excuse! :agree:

    I guess Slysoft have bought the sourcecode but I don't see a problem for someone else to re invent Reclock. No one have a patent on the concept. :policeman:

    Maybe someone should contact Nvidia or Ati, they could have an interrest in something like this to get the edge in the MCE arena. :agree:
  14. theshadowrunner

    theshadowrunner Well-Known Member

    Ok, and what are you doing with it?
  15. seeya

    seeya Well-Known Member

    @James, would it be possible/reasonable to just release a standalone audio renderer using kernel streaming without all the other things ReClock is doing? The reason why I'm asking is that currently I don't know any way to get around the XP Microsoft kernel mixer (which as you probably know manipulates the audio data before it is sent to the audio card). ReClock contains a nice kernel streaming audio renderer which bypasses the kernel mixer. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me cause ReClock refuses to work at all when I switch MPC to exclusive fullscreen mode. This failure to work is caused by ReClock failing to get access to the graphics card. If there was a simple kernel streaming audio renderer available, this problem wouldn't exist.
  16. theshadowrunner

    theshadowrunner Well-Known Member

    seeya, try to change the Hardware Access Method (in Reclock's configuration "video settings") from D3D to DirectDraw...
  17. deathlord

    deathlord Active Member

    You can use wave out instead of direct sound!
  18. linus2003

    linus2003 Well-Known Member

    Probably useless information...

    I've been reading the posts regarding audio sync issues and have been noticing some audio issues of my own. I wasn't sure I was experiencing sync problems until I was watching one of my backups last night. I'm legally blind so most problems with audo blow right by me. This was too obbious to miss. I decided to pop the original, (I was watcfhing the backup), into my computer and see if the problem existed there. Much to my surprise the audio was off there as well. This started me thinking. I checked the audio configuration of PDVD and found the option was set to 'surround sound'. I don't have surround soud. I switched the option to 'stereo' and the problem vanished. This info probably hasn't a thing to do with what's causing issues for other users, but I felt it worth a mention.
  19. sanderh

    sanderh Well-Known Member

    James, can you maybe give us a expected release date for a beta version? We re waiting for so long now.......
  20. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No, sorry. I don't give any forward looking statements. Been burned before.