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  1. ashlar

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    You devil! :rock: :clap:
  2. alex.ba@gmx.de

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    Hi @all,

    thank you very much for this. Looking forward to a first release. At the moment there's no way for vista because of the missing Reclock function. This could solve is. Great and thank you for this.

    Do you need any testers for this software?

    If yes I would be very interested in helping with this.


  3. Momber

    Momber Well-Known Member

    Exactly. It puzzles me no end to see so many people use Vista on their HTPC when it really is completely and utterly useless due to the lack of ReClock or a comparable feature.
    Or is everybody happy with playing their BluRays at 60 Hz, where micro-jerkyness and resynch-stutter are not readily visible?

    I just don't get it....

    I, too, patiently continue to hold my breath for a relaunched ReClock software by Slysoft and would like to repeat my offer to beta-test it.

  4. radosch

    radosch New Member

    Well, it's not that ReClock doesn't work in Vista at all.
    I run my HTPC on Vista32 and ReClock works fine for me.
    Granted, there are a few issues, e.g:
    • Doesn't work with EVR renderer :bang:
    • Shows an error when you press OK in its configuration - may look scary but can be easily ignored...

    So as long as you choose VMR9 as you renderer, ReClock should work just fine on Vista.

    Since I'd love to use EVR I am looking forward to the SlySoft ReClock as well. Can't wait to see it out!
  5. theshadowrunner

    theshadowrunner Well-Known Member

    Yeah most people play EVERYTHING at 60hz.
    Scarry but when you don't know better...

    Anyway, i have fears that Slysoft is not working on an upgrade to ReClock as a directshow filter but they are working on a new software player integrating Reclock features, which would be absolutely horrible for all of us with already a favorite software player (Zoom Player here)

    In fact, what do we really miss in Ogo's last 1.7beta4...
    -support for EVR and Haali's renderer.
    -capacity to detect framerate from MKV files with h264 streams
    -maybe better shortcuts for showing/hiding the Tearing test.
    -feature for Reclock to be friendly with 120fps vbr WMV files.

    I made an extensive post about what ReClock's currently missing as of 1.7 beta 4:

    I know that whatever happens I will NOT change my fav Zoom Player for a Slysoft player so I really hope Slysoft figured out people are not in for a new player but are expecting an updated DIRECTSHOW filter.


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  6. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    integrating ReClock would be nice but those that use the media center part on the PC would have a less powerful product if there wasn't a standalone version.
  7. peterbus

    peterbus Well-Known Member

    ah no,here we go again,every hopeful son of a b****(like myself) will be crying into the forums about how james promised a player and it will go on and on and on until of course you give us what we want,he he.:bowdown:
  8. DigiMagic

    DigiMagic Well-Known Member

    I am new to this - I didn't try ReClock and didn't know it would make such large improvement.
    I have an option to use 24 Hz refresh rate, in addition to 60. So I should see much better, non-stuttering, cinema-like image?
  9. theshadowrunner

    theshadowrunner Well-Known Member

    Indeed, for the best experience, you should use:
    50hz on PAL source (25fps)
    60hz on NTSC sources (29.97fps)
    24/48/72Hz on Cinema sources (bluray, xvid and everything at 23.98fps)
    ReClock makes the process automatic (applies correct frequency depending on media)which is why it is so much needed on HTPCs.

    Again, I hope Slysoft is NOT working on a software player, that would be useless.
    What we need is an updated Directshow filter.

  10. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Or 24/48/72 on PAL source (25fps -> 24fps PAL speedup compensation)
  11. theshadowrunner

    theshadowrunner Well-Known Member

    James, please enlighten us, just what kind of project are you working on, if any? ^^
    No release date needed!
  12. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Sorry, I don't give any forward looking statements. Spoils the surprise. ;)
  13. Momber

    Momber Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I've heard differing reports about this.
    Guess I'll have to try for myself.... seeing as I really don't like Vista to begin with, I need some convincing / incentive though...
    Given that PowerDVD doesn't actually use EVR, the lacking support of EVR by ReClock is no biggie for me personally. Until that changes (read: until someone at Cyberlink learns that there is a new video renderer in Vista which may offer an advantage or two. LOL.)

  14. Momber

    Momber Well-Known Member

    My favourite software player is always the one that does exactly what I want, with the least amount of fuzz, and delivers the best possible quality of picture and sound. So if Slysoft were to give us such a player, I'd be just too happy. I wouldn't hesitate to fork out some hard-earned cash for it.

    I currently juggle between three players, which is something of a hazzle in itself. PowerDVD for BluRay and HD DVD (mainly because there are no DirectShow audio decoders outside of PDVD that cover all the next-gen formats found on BRD/HD DVD), Zoom Player for almost everything else and MPC for synching work and when I need to cap some screenshots.

    I agree with you on those points. From my personal perspective, I would like to add automatic frame rate detection for all types of video streams, including but not limited to NextGen media played back in PDVD, and particularly VSync correction with active DXVA (and with all renderers).

  15. erikt

    erikt Active Member

    Presumably, this is only applicable if you have a monitor that is capable of accepting all of these frequencies. A lot of (most?) consumer HDTVs only accept 60Hz. Am I missing something here?

  16. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    The ReClock problem is that when I'm watching TV and the video and audio don't exactly sync up?
  17. Momber

    Momber Well-Known Member

    What you are "missing" is smooth, cinema-like pans and motion. Of course if your TV only accepts 60 Hz then there is nothing you can do about it, other than dump the thing for one that does accept integer multiples of 23.976 Hz as refresh rate.

  18. Wildrat

    Wildrat Well-Known Member

    No problem with TV. I guess it was just crappy low budget movies. I understand your explanation.
  19. Momber

    Momber Well-Known Member

    I just spent considerable time installing and testing ReClock under Vista Ult. SP1.

    Except that it doesn't work with PowerDVD, nor with [that unbelievable bugfest called] Arcsoft Total tra-la-la and that EVR is the only renderer with which I can get DXVA for 1080p H.264/VC-1 to work in MPC HT (and as you rightly say, ReClock don't do EVR).
    So what exactly do you mean with "works just fine under Vista"?

  20. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Nope. Only if you use a legacy (XP) sound driver. It won't work with the new sound driver model.