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  1. Tatanka

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    Once I copy a movie using the generic method and it stores the movie on the hard drive under SlySoft/cloneDVDmobile how to copy that movie to a disc. Do I use a regular burner software.
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    If you are using CloneDVDMobile to extract your DVD to a file, then wanting to take it back to a DVD to burn to, you would be performing a DVD Data write. There is a different Slysoft Product called Clone DVD that performs disc to disc writes directly, or disc - file - disc with the file being in an ISO or VOB form that allows for the function of DVD writing directly. Think of ClondDVDMobile as performing streaming files, of sorts, for viewing as a standalone file format on your PC or mobile device.

  3. Tatanka

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    Thanks for clearing that up for me. It is difficult when there are no manual instructions and when the mfg's service people are not the quickest.

    In my case I transfer the file back using a Nero software, but now that I know I can use the DVD clone that is even better.