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  2. StoneyJSG

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    ...you actually paid for DVDfab?
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    Interesting. I was given a key when I bought pass key, but it was useless as all it did was say I now have the full version (no more trial), which was a lie because I had to log into their members server or whatever for verification to unlock the thing from trial mode. This is why I like AnyDVD better other than the fact that AnyDVD has quality people working behind it that know what they are doing and fab doesn't seem to.
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  6. Tourist

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    No doubt AnyDVD is No 1, but out of curiosity: what about the other way round (eject disc, scan with Any, then Fab) ?
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    After seeing the fab video above, I wonder how they even stay in business when they don't update/slow to update.
  8. Pete

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    Their stuff is easier to buy. (Maybe it's a conspiracy thing, the AACS-LA encourages people to buy Fab, so they come to the conclusion, that decrypting discs doesn't work well anyway...)
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    Because of commercial confidentiality reasons most of us are unaware of the predicament that RedFox finds itself when trying to establish its financial bona fides with the major credit card companies. Pete said "their stuff is easier to buy." This should not be the case given that there are court rulings against the China based company and none against Slysoft or RedFox. I would like to know if Ivan has made any attempt to secure the services of Alipay.com to be the PSP for RedFox or was RedFox rejected.
  10. StoneyJSG

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    @Pete So the AACS-LA wants people to buy fab yet they filed a lawsuit against them? It makes some kind of odd sense I guess. Conspiracy it seems as you said.
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  12. John Bank

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    I use both ANYDVDHD lifetime member and dvdfab lifetime member all one. Both products brilliant. Did not have to paid as I am beta tester since DVDfab startup.
    Thumbs for both AnydvdHD and DVDfab
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    I actually now have licenses for dvd fab all in one, any dvd, and pass key as well as clone dvd and clone BD. I like them all, though pass key is a clone of any dvd.
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    "Video is unavailable"? I am missing out on the joke?