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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Clarity3, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Clarity3

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    I have received an unsolicited email from DVDFab offering the latest products at special prices. I need to say, I am not interested in DVDFab as a backup tool, however, what did catch my attention was their solution to Cinavia, suggesting it’s a “complete and permanent 4K UHD Cinavia removal solution”.

    My question, to anyone who knows about this product, is this Cinavia removal specific to 4K UHD discs and if so what makes it different to standard Blu ray Cinavia?

    They indicate this is a lossless solution, so presumably it is not just a replacement audio channel, or is it?
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    From what people have stated in the past, it's still the same thing. Audio track replacement or something with a FLAC track (lossless). Don't know the exact details, don't use them either.
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    the blue monkey said they weren't gonna do the uhd lol (y)(y)(y)(y)
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Not exactly. They said, THEY weren't going to crack aacs 2 and they still aren't. They're using deuhd tech in their stuff. They never said they weren't going to support decrypted titles themselves

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    While I am partial to red fox, I do have the entire dvd fab suite (I got a decent deal on it). I don't have any UHD discs, but I am guessing the cinavia removal works the same. From what I understand you can only remove cinavia from the "movie only" copy option. It won't work under "full disc" or "clone" options.

    Also note that dvd fab has a very hard time getting around screen pass protection unless you only use turbo CPU encoding (which takes way longer to process the disc) and disable GPU acceleration with lightning shrink.
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  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Movie only may only work with them, but with CloneBD it works on full disc just fine too. Though as known, at a cost to the audio.

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  7. StoneyJSG

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    Yeah for some reason DVD fab only removes cinavia from the movie only option. It's greyed out for full disc and clone copy. I guess by keeping it lossless per se, they have to sacrifice trailers and extras.

    This is why I like anyDVD with clone bd, because like ch3vr0n said it removes it from full disc copies, not just movie only. The only thing DVD fab has going for it as far as cinavia though, is it can remove it from both blu ray and DVD (if supported).