DVDDecrypter shutdown?


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Jan 28, 2007
I recently learned of dvddecrypter's shutdown , because of legal issues. What's the real reason why this happened? I know IMGBurn took up where this left off , but minus some features. Has anyone used IMG? DVDDecypter and AnyDVD worked wonders for me, but I'm not sure about IMG! I plan to try CloneDVD , but I'm scared to make the switch. Decryptor 100 something movies later has never once failed me! Any feedback will be appreciated.
As DVD Decrypter facilitates the removal of copy restrictions, certain uses may be illegal under the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Not all countries have similar laws, so DVD Decrypter should be perfectly legal there, if not otherwise restricted.

On June 6, 2005, the developer (known as "Lightning UK!") announced that he received a cease and desist letter from an unnamed company. He later stated it was within his best interests to comply with the letter, and stopped development of the program. By June 7 a mirror site was up, which allowed people to download the final version ( On 27 November 2005, Afterdawn.com, a Finnish website, announced that it complied with a letter received from Macrovision demanding that DVD Decrypter be taken down from its site. Since only the owner of an application can demand that it be removed from a third-party site's download section, there can be no doubt that Macrovision was the company that took legal action under a 2003 British law banning the circumvention of copying prevention measures. Shortly after that, a site with no connection to Lightning UK! appeared and claimed to be the "new" DVD Decrypter Site. This site has since closed down.

Many American legal experts believe that under United States' Federal law making a backup copy of a DVD-Video or an audio CD by a consumer is legal. Some feel this provision of US law conflicts with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act prohibition of so-called "circumvention measures" of copy protections.

In 2006, the US Library of Congress created an exemption that explicitly allows circumventing access control for certain educational purposes.

In the noted "321" case, Federal District Judge Susan Illston, of the Northern District of California (see: http://dvdxcopy.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/72527), ruled that the backup copies made with software such as DVD Decrypter are in fact legal but that distribution of the software used to make them is illegal. As of the date of this revision, neither the US Supreme Court nor the US Congress has taken definitive action on the matter.

On October 4, 2005, Lightning UK! continued the development of the burning engine used by DVD Decrypter in his new tool, ImgBurn.
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