DVD9 - DVD9 copy?

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    I have noticed that CloneDVD2 cannot copy DVD9 to DVD9 but can compres a DVD9 to a DVD5 which losses some quality of the original movie. I know some software out in the market can do 1:1 copy of DVD9 to DVD9.

    It is just suprising that ClondDVD2 cannot, i am slightly disappointed, however:

    a) are there any ways of copying DVD9 - DVD9 using Clone DVD?
    b) if not, will they be releasing a new CloneDVD so it support direct copy?


    Sorry, after reading through the forum I found the answer to my question. Sorry for posting
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    i see you found your answer.
    so for anyone else wondering what the answer is:
    clonedvd2 can copy dvd9 to dvd9.
    on the screen where you select/deselect titles,there is a drop down menu.
    you are seeing dvd5.drop down the menu to select dvd9 amongst others.

    clonecd can do 1:1 copies.
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