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    Thanks for the replies to "Copy start/stop/freeze".

    1. My writer is a Hitachi/LG which came on a Dell. I understand that this unit has had some firmware issues in the past with only Dell responsible for distribution.

    Understanding that all writere are not created equal, which unit specifically do you recommend for quality DVD copies?

    2. I make DVD copies of home videos which I would like to share with family and friends. I would like to label them with something other than a Sharpie (my handwriting is less than adequate).

    Can any labels be used without problems? Assuming printable DVD's, will they take labels? What do you recommend for quality appearance?


    Glenn Manning
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    bjproc is correct. No paper labels, although I have had them work on non-commercial discs that only held 15 minutes of video. That's as far as I would want to take it. TY and Verbatim make printable media. That would be the way to go. As far as burners go, there are several good ones (Pioneer, Plextor, BenQ, etc). Go to the CD/DVD Drives section and there are lots of choices.
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    Labeling DVDs

    In the past I labeled my CDs and DVDs with full paper labels. They worked fine
    but then I went to the "hub" labels. They were hard to read and some problems
    with them so I purchased me a printer.
    I bought an Epson Stylus Photo R800.
    I really like it and have probably printed at least 100 labels on it.
    The thing I really like it has 8 cartridges. They are very cheap compared
    to my HP printer.
    I pay less than $7 per cartridge and it works out great for me.
    One might consider looking into the Epson.
    The cartridges for my HP costs me almost $100 and I can get two complete
    sets of cartridges for the Epson for less than that.