DVD Transcode Error when burning

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by chelski man, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. chelski man

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    I have just copied Shooter to pc's HDD from DVD without any problems and plays back on the pc fine, however when I burn to DVD (Sony DVD RW and using Sony DVD+R 16 speed disks) using Roxio Easy Media Creator Basic DVD Home v7 (I burn at 8x) I get the message that burning completed successfully and then a message pops up saying 'DVD Transcode Error' and the disk is no good. Anyone come accross this before? I have never had problems before until now.
  2. deaacs

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    Transcoding is converting from one video format to another (such as MPEG2-->MPEG2 when downsizing), and you should be well aware of any transcoding errors before burning takes place. Also, it's better to burn at 16x if your media is 16x... sorry not much help, hopefully someone else knows more about your problem!
  3. oldjoe

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    Some PC configurations can, and will, burn accurately at 16X but it is not generally advised.

    Rule of thumb: burn at 1/2 the rated media speed.