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    I do not care about the resulting file size of the DVD rip, nor how long it takes. I have plenty of HD space and time. Quality is my main concern.

    I will be putting the mp4s on an external drive and connecting to my Xbox 360. the Xbox is connected to an HD LCD TV.

    For the absolute best quality, what is the best configuration of CloneDVD Mobile?

    Obviously I select Xbox360 H264/AAC.
    For resolution which do I select? 720x408? 848x480? 720x480 (NTSC TV)?
    Do I de-interlace?

    Please advise!!!
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    Best quality resolution using CloneDvdMobile (other than just ripping the whole DVD and playing the IFO or using the vob passthrough) would be 848x480 but 720x480 (NTSC TV) would probably look the same on your TV - test each and see if you can see a difference.

    Deinterlace is only supposed to be necessary for video (as opposed to film) based material such as TV series DVD's.
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    One Second

    In my opinion you shouldn't limit yourself to just the Xbox360 Video Format Option. There are some other good file formats that will give you just as good of audio and video quality with a smaller file and quicker conversion(even though I know they're not an issue for you, convenience is still always a factor somewhat).

    How long does it take to convert a full DVD to Mp4 for you? I converted a movie to the PS3 format and it took around 8 hours and it looked very disappointing.

    Try a large DivX file, make sure the resolution you convert into is widescreen for widescreen movies or it will look bad. Let us know what you discover, it's kind of a preference thing, do a few movies in different formats see which one gives you the best results.

    In my case I AM concerned about dwindling external storage space so I use
    >Generic Divx
    >640x360 resolution(half of 720p)
    >25-30 on the quality scale(1.7-2gb files)
    Movies rip in about 1/2 an hour for me.
    This set up is great for me because then the files are small enough I can drag one into my MP3 player if I want, instead of having to go through and convert a movie just for it. (Zen Vision M 60gb)

    I notice the degradation but only in some cases, and I'm betting if you use Divx with files at full quality, you will be happy. Let us know how it goes!! good luck :D
    *PS If you watch a movie and it looks deformed try changing the display through the 360 "Advanced Options" on the video screen display, set it to Native and see what the video ratio looks like.
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    Mobile what? If it is the iPhone in your Sig link, choose that in the profile. You should also start a new thread if your question is not related to the OP. :policeman:
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