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Dvd to audio cd. Is it possible?


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Feb 20, 2007
I would like to be able to listen to a DVD's audio tracks on a cd player. I don't need the video. I only want the audio.

Does DVDmobile do this for me?

If not, I'd like to request this as a future feature.

Thanks for the reply.

I have several instructional DVD's that I would like to listen to in my car on my CD player.

I am not familiar with iPods and such, as my needs are fairly low tech. If anybody has any ideas on how to use DVDmobile to create the audio files I need, I would appreciate your help.

Thanks again.

I'll do a google search.
I am not sure what you are looking for .. this link


will take you to a page for a product you can try. It will do exactly what you want.

I have used similar to rip Pink Floyd DVD to mp3s so i could put them on a cd to listen in a car.

So .. you need a tool like this to strip off the audio, you will need a cd burner and software to create the cd.
Thanks again for the reply.

The software you directed me to, does do the job I need. Thank you for your help.

Intervideo and Xilisoft for rippin individual chapters


This is highly recommended by some folks on afterdawn.com for our purposes. I currenlty user Intervideo dvd copy5 for ripping individual chapters/ tracks and converting them to mp3s as i listen to alot of concert dvds.

More visual for intervideo : http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/268285

I can attest to the Intervideo product i use :http://www.intervideo.com/InterVideoDVDCopy/

Still hoping slysoft adds that feature to clonedvd.
I use the programm "DVD Audio Extractor"!

It´s very easy to handle and you can choose the chapter/title, you want to encode and the exit audio format of the encoded titles!

And it sounds fantastic!!!
You can use CloneDVD Mobile and MKV tools to do that. If you set CloneDVD Mobile to generic DivX as the output. Then load MKVMerge and create an MKV file (real fast, about a minute for a 2 hour movie). The use MKV Extractor to extract just the raw audio file. Your Audio burner software should be able to handle the audio track for burning then. MKV tools is free, it's just a container creator/extractor.
PM me if you want a step-by-step, but this is the CloneDVD Mobile forum so I don't want to go beyond that note here.