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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by darkqueman, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. darkqueman

    darkqueman Member

    Is anything in the works at SlySoft to convert DVD files to AppleTV format
  2. pelegrino

    pelegrino New Member

    You can already convert DVDs or VOB files to AppleTV, but not to HD resolutions. Here is how:
    1. Open CloneDVD Mobile
    2. Select Apple + iPOD video 5. gen (hires)
    3. Select the movie source and click Next
    3. Set you audio and subtitle settings and click Next
    4. Output Method -> res 640x480 and click GO

    Movies will automatically be converted to .MP4

    It would be nice if Slysoft adds full suport for AppleTV hi-def resolution.

  3. darkqueman

    darkqueman Member

    Thanks,but would be nice if res could be adjusted to 720x480
  4. thooven

    thooven New Member

    Ipod/AppleTV higher resolutions

    Have you tried to add higher resolution options to the devices.ini file?

    I opened the devices.ini file, and found the section for the [iPod Video 5. gen (hires)]. under the resolution options, I changed the last option of each to 720x480, so each line looks like this:


    Then when I convert a DVD, I choose this resolution from the drop down box. I don't notice much more conversion time, and the files look great on my 42" plasma TV. I am converting standard DVDs, not HD content. I have tried changing the resolutions to higher ones, and it appears to work, but the conversion says it will take over 500 minutes to complete! Since the DVD resolution is 720x480 anyway, I am not losing anything by converting at that anyway.

    It would be nice to have access to the h264 codec for the ipod and appleTV in addition to the Sony PSP. I tried to modify the PSP settings in the devices.ini file like I did for the Ipod, but CloneDVDmobile (or maybe mencoder) forces a much, much lower resolution.

    Hope any of this helps!