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    Not sure if this belongs here but, wanted to find out what some of the best free DVD software was out there to play DVD's from my desktop. I am running Windows XP. Thanks.
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    Problems with Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9

    I have had Vegas Movie Studio 9 installed for a couple of months and have even made two DVD's with it, no problem. However now I am working on a more detailed project. I'm about 30 minutes into my DVD project now and the program keeps closing on me. The error report says "an exception has occured and Movie Studio needs to close". I finally got it to print a report which indicates an "access violation" in module "mcmpgvdec.dll". I can't seem to figure this out an it's very frustrating. I purchased more RAM thinking it might be a memory problem (since this project contains more video, pics, transitions, etc.) and even reintalled the program. Nothing has worked so far. Can anyone help me? thanks in advance!:confused: