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  1. katie1013

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    Does anyone know where to get premium single/double slim cases? I previously bought mine at Comp USA until they went out of business and I cannot find premium slim cases like you find with retail dvd purchases, thanks for your help. Katie
  2. Nova935

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    Look on Ebay for these cases. I bought several cases from various vendors there. I believe I paid about $30 for 100 new cases and and the vendor offered free shipping.
  3. fast eddie

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    Here is an alternative if you are looking for storage space.

    I use two slim line CD cases gluded back to back when storing two non-compressed Blu-ray disks (25gb), works great for very little storage space or two full size CD cases gluded back to back with spline identification and pictures on the disk and front and back covers.

    Or, I use one full size CD case for storing one Blu-ray disk (25gb) with spline identification and pictures on the disk and front and back covers.
  4. fortebab1

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    Had good luck

    I have been using the ones from Shop4tech.com They always have specials with free shipping.
  5. kingfish

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    I have used the checkout store many times. the prices are good and shipping is fast It depends on the quanity but you can get free shipping.

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  6. fortebab1

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    Not Bad

    The checkout store is very good. Little higher in price, but the quality looks good.
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    I get my slim line DVD cases from US Plastics http://www.usplastic.com/. You can also get Blu Ray cases from them too and the prices are pretty good too.
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  10. Docsnaggs

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    There is a company called Uline. They sell packing materials, (i.e. Boxes, scales, shippers, etc). I buy 200 slimline black back, clear front for around $25.00. The all clear is a little more expensive, but still a great deal. Better than buying in the stores.

  11. Bluer

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    Samsclub has the memorex branded hundred box for about $30, depending upon location.
  12. Ch3vr0n

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    memorex discs are crap, your asking for trouble when using that media.
  13. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    The discussion is about cases not the discs...
  14. Ch3vr0n

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    woops lol. Gotta read better next time ^^
  15. bwolf

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    You might want to avoid ebay, seems like everytime I turn around lately someone is getting ripped off from ebay.
  16. Bluer

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    Just quit turning around :)

    Seriously, Ebay is fine if one follows strict purchasing standards; long time on Ebay, perfect feedback (and if not perfect, read the feedback to see what happened), buy from USA seller only, don't open non-ebay emails, and so on.
  17. bwolf

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    :) The non ebay emails is a no-brainer, because of all of the phishing scams that go around that target ebay accounts specifically. But the biggest problem with ebay is that when there is a problem their fraud dept is not very forth coming with help to those who have been scammed. People who I have known that have had problems with their service have followed the guidelines you have mentioned and yet have still had problems. There are even problems with users who have perfect or near perfect feedback scores. Very active members tend to have several accounts and when one gets tagged with bad feedback they just switch to another account. Something that happens a lot, as I have seen it myself on way too many occasions to be coincidence. Now not all account holder have multiple accounts, and I am not saying you do, but it does happen very often.

    I have not had trouble with ebay myself due mostly to the fact that I have used ebay very rarely over the last few years and never for any products I can get in a less complicated outlet. But everyone has their own view on ebay. But my approach to them has kept me from getting scammed, like so many other people that I have known who werent so insightful.

    Ebay, in my opinion, should be used with caution at the very least. One should reserve it for products that arent so readily available. It makes no sense to use it for something as mundane as dvd/cd cases. Those can be found almost anywhere and typically for a much cheaper price than an ebay account holder would charge. Also if you buy a product like that at an actual store you dont have to waste money on shipping nor wait around the required time it takes to have the item ship to you through the mail.

    Samsclub is a good choice, I have bought dvd/cd cases there for cheaper, in most cases, than I have found online, and I dont have to wait to have them shipped through the mail
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  18. asianman6924

    asianman6924 Well-Known Member

    yea i agree, I always get mine from sams.
    btw Bluer where do i live at? My local sams club has the memorex branded hundred box for $22 with tax.
  19. Bluer

    Bluer Well-Known Member

    Thanks for bringing up the Samsclub price, asianman6924, I hit the "3" when I had meant "2".

    It's 18.84 /case here. :doh:
  20. asianman6924

    asianman6924 Well-Known Member

    aww ok.
    I was about to say you're getting ripped off lol